Round 21: Richmond v Hawthorn — the game that divides a family

When marriage occurs in Victoria , negotiation is necessary on football teams. Some are fortunate enough to have met someone who supports the same team as they do, but the majority of couples have a dilemma. There are two paths that the couple can go down: 1. The less passionate footy follower agrees to give [Read more]

Round 21: Tigers are still doing time

By John Green I have a cousin who spent most of his adult life in gaol. Try as he might, he simply couldn’t escape the culture. It all started when he was 17 and things pretty much went downhill from there. He was unable to make a fist of things outside the prison walls, invariably [Read more]

AFL Round 21: Hawks beat Tigers in another game that vindicates my childhood choice

When I was five years old it was 1977 and I was in my first year of primary school.  It was the year I discovered footy.  Duffle coats decorated with footy badges and football heroes’ numbers on the back were the fashion, and footy cards were exchanged like local currency.  That year, more than most [Read more]

AFL Round 21: Hawks keep finals hopes alive with win over Tigers

It’s Saturday night. The game’s only on Ten. There are no changes to either team. Graham Polak runs out for the Tigers in the protective head gear. Max Bailey runs out, for the first time in three years and two knee reconstructions. Riley Milne is debuting for the Hawks. There were plenty of stories in [Read more]