Almanac Flashback – Round 21 2009: The Wrap has his say!

Another Footy Flashback to Round 21, 2009 with The Wrap’s analysis of the results of those games. And as he says, “…..if you read it in The Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.” A cracker of a read!

Round 21: Doggies fans are real

by John Harms It’s Friday night. I am a little concerned. The Cats are wobbly, and the Dogs have a top four spot to play for. But the result doesn’t matter too much anyway (I tell myself). I do a lap of Etihad Stadium, wandering slowly along the concourse on the first level. Red, white [Read more]

AFL Round 21: Cats joins Dogs on second tier, behind Pies and Saints

By Josh Barnstable The big battle between the animals. Dog v Cat. The last time these animals clashed, it was the Cats in the best game of the year. Brad Johnson, who missed after the siren, lost the game for the Doggies. Everyone is looking forward to the rematch. The Dogs have the stumbles but [Read more]

AFL Round 21: Dogs back to A-grade form

Alleluia! The school week is finally over! My whole week consisted of Sacs. Monday: Literature sac Tuesday: English sac for a double period Wednesday: Literature sac for a double period Thursday: Literature sac Friday: English sac. Today I completed my English sac and resisted the temptation to rewrite the whole thing in the single period. [Read more]

AFL Round 21: Another thriller, and the Bulldogs win

It was my brother’s birthday. Dinner was followed by cake and then the presents came out. The time wasn’t on my side. Luckily, I made it on to the couch just in time to see the game between the Bulldogs and Geelong.