AFL Round 20: Swans are better thanI expect but I still want them to change their game plan

By Josh Barnstable After an eventful day, I want nothing more than to sit down and watch a good game of footy. But then I I realize Sydney is playing. At ANZ Stadium. I’m in for a boring night. I look for other things to do. Play footy on the Playstation; continue reading my book [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Amid much swearing and confusion over flirting with form, the Cats get home

Sydney v Geelong, ANZ Stadium, Saturday 15th August 2009. Sydney are coming off annihilating a pitiful Richmond, while Geelong were comfortably beaten by Carlton. A lot of criticism has been directed the Cats’ way, especially against Gary Ablett and Steve Johnson. Be interesting to see how the team responds against tough opposition tonight.

Round 20: I especially love Saturday nights when I can watch the footy. Cats did well to get up, too

Saturday nights are usually chaos at my house. Arguing about what should be on TV, so on and so forth. Derogatory comments about footy. It’s what happens when you have 10 people in one house.  But tonight was one of the luckier nights. I got to watch the footy without much fuss.