Round 20 (2009) – Essendon v St Kilda: A fine son

Jobe Watson will retire at the end of the season. He won the Brownlow in 2012, but for a long time he was heavily criticised. We re-visit John Harms’s story about a 2009 match between Essendon and St Kilda.

Footy: He missed! No chance of a dry argument after Dons beat Saints

August can be a wicked month; however the day dawned cool and clear. Our young boys were to take on the unbeaten Saints, who had played consistently well for 19 rounds and appeared to be invincible. I had arranged to meet Jen at her apartment by the Yarra in Richmond, and once at the ground [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Swans are better thanI expect but I still want them to change their game plan

By Josh Barnstable After an eventful day, I want nothing more than to sit down and watch a good game of footy. But then I I realize Sydney is playing. At ANZ Stadium. I’m in for a boring night. I look for other things to do. Play footy on the Playstation; continue reading my book [Read more]

AFL Round 20: My shoulder pain is nothing like the pain the Tigers should feel

By Josh Barnstable Needing to wake up at 8:15 on a Saturday, which is absolutely crazy, just to get to the local footy ground of Rennie, the opposition today. It’s the last game of the year, and I’m quietly hoping to kick a few goals and hit the lead in the goalkicking for Waaia. I’m [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Hawks’ performance in battle of birds deems them unworthy of finals

By Josh Barnstable After completing yet another week of school, I was looking forward to getting home and enjoying the footy and resting up for a big week ahead of me. I pick Adelaide confidently on the radio, but I have a feeling the Hawks can win if they are serious about finals, which up [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Amid much swearing and confusion over flirting with form, the Cats get home

Sydney v Geelong, ANZ Stadium, Saturday 15th August 2009. Sydney are coming off annihilating a pitiful Richmond, while Geelong were comfortably beaten by Carlton. A lot of criticism has been directed the Cats’ way, especially against Gary Ablett and Steve Johnson. Be interesting to see how the team responds against tough opposition tonight.

AFL Round 20: There’s no point trying to be calm when your Bombers lead the unbeaten Saints

After the disappointment of last week’s draw with the Lions I decided to approach this week’s St Kilda game with calmness. Thinking about our great effort against the Saints earlier in the year gave me heart and hope. There’s something called bouncing back and I was hoping last week’s loss would stir us.

AFL Round 20: As a Dees fan, I can’t wait for next season

I am off to my fourth consecutive 1.10pm Sunday game in a row. The conditions are wet and windy as I make my way to the ground. This is a bad sign for the Dees. According to many one-minded Demon supporters, this is the only game we are allowed to win before season’s end. I [Read more]

Round 20: I especially love Saturday nights when I can watch the footy. Cats did well to get up, too

Saturday nights are usually chaos at my house. Arguing about what should be on TV, so on and so forth. Derogatory comments about footy. It’s what happens when you have 10 people in one house.  But tonight was one of the luckier nights. I got to watch the footy without much fuss.

AFL Round 20: Pies continue merry march while Tigers confirm culture problem

By Paul O’Connell A gloomy Saturday morning was becoming by midday a warm sunny afternoon. At least I knew I could see, feel and smell the weather at the ‘G.  It really felt like I was going to the footy, a rare Saturday avo just like in the good old days. I make no apology [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Pies sew up top-four spot by trouncing hapless Tigers in heated stoush

As we creep into the latter part of August everything begins to heat up. On the weather front the temperature gradually begins to slide up as we near spring and out on the footy field the intensity rises and many teams fight for a crucial spot inside the eight with finals just around the corner.

Round 20: Farewell to a true Tiger champion

Today was always going to be a painful day. Collingwood are in fine form while Richmond are putting forward a case for relegation to be introduced to AFL. If it wasn’t bad enough to put up with an imminent thrashing against my least liked team in the AFL, earlier in the week it was announced [Read more]

AFL Round 20: McLeod BOG as Crows see off Hawks

Fridays are great, especially if you have the day off school. I spent the most of my day off with my friends at Chadstone shopping centre. I came home, awaiting the game of footy. I turned on the TV at 8.30pm, after deciding not to listen to the game on the radio. There were no [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Fight makes me flip but Pies right the ship

It got pretty crazy at school yesterday. It was a celebration day consisting of a Liturgy, house group activities, my friend Brittany’s birthday, food stalls, a DJ and in my case SingStar. Despite having to read about boring things, the girls and our teacher had a few laughs making the house meeting a lot more [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Memories of past battles fail to deter me from seeking to share with Richmond people

Richmond’s success in the 1960s and ’70s means that I number quite a few Richmond supporters among my friends. It is Collingwood v Richmond this weekend. And not just “weekend”; it is a traditional Saturday afternoon game at the MCG. I am not the only Australian Rules football supporter who points out that one of [Read more]

Kardinia sojourn a rite of Tiger passage by John Green

I felt it was a necessary part of my 11-year-old’s footy education to take him to see the Tigers play away at Skilled Stadium. After all, where else today can you have the experience of jostling for space on old fashioned concrete terracing and watching an AFL match? Where else can you walk not only [Read more]