Round 19: Tiger prospects look shaky after Sydney shellacking

Mum and I headed off to the footy unusually early, even for our standards. The reason was because we needed to sneak in RMIT’s open day before the footy. I have plans to be there in 2012. Earlier that day I read an article by Emma Quayle, where she asks where Richmond and North Melbourne [Read more]

AFL Round 19: Bomber faithful left to ponder meaning of football life

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they can  leave you almost breathless with shock. It’s possible to be gobsmacked and bewildered from a great distance, even when you can’t see things. Events can often defy logical human explanation.

AFL Round 19: Time with my nephew is well-spent — even at a shocking game like this one

North Melbourne versus Melbourne 1.10pm, Sunday, August 9 Etihad Stadium Like most footy fans, I look forward to some games more than others.  I love playing the Cats – the brilliant and whacky are guaranteed.  I relish trips to the Cattery for its suburban feel, big sky and deep outer.  You can watch the sun [Read more]

AFL Round 19: Swans cap off Mickey’s 300th with a fine win

By Keiran Croker On Sunday I headed off to the ’G for a breakthrough in the Swans’ history, it being the first time one of our players would play 300 games for the club.  I was in my collar, tie and jacket (no jeans) as it was also my first time to watch a game [Read more]

AFL Round 19: At least McNamara was good on debut and Valenti played his best game

By Steve Healy I think 1.10pm games are all right. They’re not ideal, but they give me more time to come home and do my homework. But I remember the good old days when they were all interstate/Geelong. I was off to the footy to see the Jurrah-less, Grime-less, Green-less, Jamar-less and still Wonaeamirri-less Dees [Read more]

AFL Round 19: Pies lift their game but I need to lift mine

By Josh Barnstable After looking forward to watching the Hawthorn v St Kilda game, I was shocked to find that the game was being broadcast live so I had missed an hour of the match. Disappointed, I looked towards the Crows and Pies to show me some good footy.

AFL Round 19: My tip for the Cats pulls up short

By Josh Barnstable Despite getting onlyone out-of-uniform day a term thanks to the government, we treat the ones we get as the best days of the year. Jeans for Genes day was celebrated by my school, and majority of the school wore their denim to school. Except me, though. I had a weird dream that [Read more]

AFL Round 19: Superman wins P.O.G. as Pies get super win.

By Danielle Eid School passes so slowly when you’re thinking about the Collingwood vs. Adelaide match. Let’s reflect: MONDAY: level assembly about school leadership positions. “No thanks” My hair sucked! Wondered what day we are playing this week.

Round 19: Pies move into third spot with a bullet

It was an important game. Adelaide were playing for a top-four chance, Collingwood for a top-three chance after the Bulldogs’ loss against West Coast earlier that day. I sat on the couch to see another live game of footy.

AFL Round 19: Wood and Woods produce the goods

You can never hold back spring You can be sure I will never Stop believing The world is dreaming, dreaming of spring You Can Never Hold Back Spring, Tom Waits Saturday 8 August 2009 was a seriously good day for the Pies, and I am indeed now dreaming of spring.

AFL Round 19: Carlton midfield too good for fancy Cats

It’s another miserable looking Friday weather-wise and I am preparing myself for another fairly mediocre performance from my Blues against the pacy, skilful and courageous Geelong side. On a lighter note I am fortunate enough to have the day off school with Curriculum Day and I take full advantage of a somewhat rare, relaxing day. [Read more]

AFL Round 18: I win kick-to-kick in Melbourne and Saints win in Tassie

I woke up on in the morning at 11, and was ready for yet another footy-filled day. It looked like a great day for footy here in Melbourne, but what about Tasmania? Would the Hawks beat the undermanned St Kilda to earn a chance in the finals? I went to the park with my younger [Read more]

AFL Round 19: Ben Jensen’s (Cats) day can’t get much worse

Ben Jensen’s day went from bad to worse; first called into a crisis meeting; soon after dropping his 3G phone into his coffee and belatedly finding out the Cats lost to the Blues. I WAS TORN on whether to wait until I got home or to listen to this one from work.  After a hasty [Read more]