AFL Round 18: Sadly, Roos fail to send Simmo out with a win

by Roseann Testagrossa Early last week, former North Melbourne captain and dual premiership player, Adam Simpson, announced his retirement, effective after the round 18 game against Carlton.  When I first heard I was disappointed, because I thought he still had plenty to contribute as a player.  The consensus among North supporters seemed to be that [Read more]

AFL Round 18: North are the better team despite the result

Josh Barnstable “Do some work, Josh,” orders my substitute science teacher. “Nah,” is my reply. Who can work on plastics and metals when you’re going to the AFL? Not me for sure.

AFL Round 18: North have Delicious midfielder but Carlton taste victory in the end

Danielle Eid Is it possible to get a degree in laundry-folding? If so I should receive honors. Mums got me doing laundry all week and it’s come to the point that I don’t even bother complaining; why waste my breath? All it will do is get Mum in an angry mood.

AFL Round 18: No fairytale for Simpson as Blues edge closer to finals

By Damian Watson “What A big week it has been in football!” That Eddie McGuire catch cry was heard almost every week on The Footy Show and it is the perfect way to describe this previous week. The past seven days have provided the most off-field news so far this year beginning with the end [Read more]

AFL Round 18: Blues do enough to win but still have work to do

North Melbourne V Carlton By Steve Healy It was Friday. I had been home from school sick today, and was eagerly waiting for the arrival of this game come 7:40, or in this case 8:40. There was something special about the game. Adam Simpson’s farewell, playing his 306th and last game in the blue-and-white stripes. [Read more]