Footy: A touch of gold on black clouds

By John Sawyer I’ve been doing it a bit hard. A bit like Richmond, I suppose. I’ve lost confidence, everything seems to go wrong. Everything seems to be lined up against me, even the bloody AFL are trying to do me down. “I’ve a good mind to write to the ACCC. I’ll make a formal [Read more]

AFL Round 18: Half the supporters around me want to lose. I don’t.

By Steve Healy I really wanted the Dees to win. Put tanking aside, put Tom Scully aside and watch a great team performance. It sounded so simple. I walked to the train station alone. I don’t usually go to the footy alone, but on this occasion I had to. The train to the ‘G was [Read more]

AFL Round 18: As a Demons fan who willed his team to lose, I feel sick

By Barry Levinson Jordan McMahon holds the Sherrin and Melbourne’s draft hopes in his hands: 48 metres out from goal, straight in front, it’s a kick most AFL players are expected to convert. But this is a Tiger who has already missed two sitters on the run and barely been able to hit a target [Read more]