AFL Round 11: And that was that, for Tiger Terry.

by John Green After weeks of wondering when the guillotine blade is going to drop, Terry Wallace has left the scaffold and decided to go of his own accord. The Tigers’ clash with the Western Bulldogs is to be his last as Richmond coach. There is a curious irony in Wallace’s swansong. He is competing [Read more]

Round 11: Richmond v Western Bulldogs – Tigers farwell coach in characteristic fashion

Tonight is the farewell game for Richmond’s Terry Wallace, his five year plan ending in failure with Richmond not much better off than when he came to the club. But tonight we may see even more farewells. Jordan Mcmuffin has been selected ,while Pettifer and Simmonds will get their last chance to show the new coach [Read more]

Friday preview: Plough’s last hurrah

by Dan Lonergan I’ve followed the Western Bulldogs since I was six, which stretches back to 1975, when the new cool kid came to school in grade one. He barracked for Footscray and everyone wanted to be his friend, but maybe adopting his footy team was taking it too far. At the time I was [Read more]