AFL Round 11: Pies smash the hapless Dees

by Steve Healy Queen’s Birthday games between these two teams are always great to watch, where one of the game’s great rivalries between Melbourne and Collingwood battle it out on a Monday afternoon in the middle of the season. The Demons had won the last four out of five after just losing last year‘s game. [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Thank God for the Queen and her birthday

by Josh Barnstable I awake on a Monday at 10:30am. “Uh-oh, I’ve overslept”. I think to myself. Then comes the excitement you get when you realize you haven’t overslept, you’ve just enjoyed a good sleep in on a day off school. With that excitement, I bury my head into my pillow for a further 15 [Read more]

AFL Round 11: cloudburst by Haiku Bob

cloudburst       Queen’s Birthday the number one pick rubs shoulders with the best           this day looks no different yet eight unanswered goals           dark clouds and Presti shut out any light           cloudburst – goal sharks spill over themselves for [Read more]

AFL Round 11 (FPS): Did Dick? Dick did. Talented Dick.

  by Tony Scully Good morning Floreat Picans, lovely to wake up to a cold rainy winter’s morning.   It was with trepidation that I, (1) accepted this responsibility knowing the quality of previous offerings. And (2) went to yesterday’s game knowing I had only been to ‘loss’ games so far this season. (Am I the [Read more]