AFL Round 11: Pies smash the hapless Dees

by Steve Healy Queen’s Birthday games between these two teams are always great to watch, where one of the game’s great rivalries between Melbourne and Collingwood battle it out on a Monday afternoon in the middle of the season. The Demons had won the last four out of five after just losing last year‘s game. [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Carlton sneak home

by Josh Barnstable This match will be an absolute cracker. A gun up one end of the field, and quite a controversial one (Brendan Fevola) while the twin towers await the Blue defence up the other end (Jonathan Brown and Daniel Bradshaw). A different role has presented itself to Bradshaw in recent weeks though, with [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Thank God for the Queen and her birthday

by Josh Barnstable I awake on a Monday at 10:30am. “Uh-oh, I’ve overslept”. I think to myself. Then comes the excitement you get when you realize you haven’t overslept, you’ve just enjoyed a good sleep in on a day off school. With that excitement, I bury my head into my pillow for a further 15 [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Hawks home on a gloomy Sunday afternoon

Hawthorn V Sydney by Steve Healy It was a lazy Sunday Afternoon on the long weekend. I sat down and watched the Sunday Footy Show. Dean Bailey was on and he was being asked the usual questions and giving the usual answers. At one o’clock I took the laptop into my room and listened to [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Why Barry Hall is good for football

By Phineas Meere It’s bad to say at the beginning of any article that you can anticipate what the reader is thinking. Nonetheless I shall attempt to…you’re thinking here we go again, another article telling us why we like football by a journalist needing to fill column inches by telling us it’s tribal, it’s the [Read more]

AFL Round 11: cloudburst by Haiku Bob

cloudburst       Queen’s Birthday the number one pick rubs shoulders with the best           this day looks no different yet eight unanswered goals           dark clouds and Presti shut out any light           cloudburst – goal sharks spill over themselves for [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Footy first-timer films fan fervour and Fev fever

By Pamela Sherpa Brisbane Lions versus Carlton 7.10 pm, 6 June The Gabba, Brisbane What’s the best possible Aussie experience to share with someone before they travel overseas? Go to the footy of course. As I’ve travelled up from the Snowy Mountains to visit my daughter Tashi before she leaves I’m grateful there is a [Read more]

AFL Round 11 (FPS): Did Dick? Dick did. Talented Dick.

  by Tony Scully Good morning Floreat Picans, lovely to wake up to a cold rainy winter’s morning.   It was with trepidation that I, (1) accepted this responsibility knowing the quality of previous offerings. And (2) went to yesterday’s game knowing I had only been to ‘loss’ games so far this season. (Am I the [Read more]

AFL Round 11: And that was that, for Tiger Terry.

by John Green After weeks of wondering when the guillotine blade is going to drop, Terry Wallace has left the scaffold and decided to go of his own accord. The Tigers’ clash with the Western Bulldogs is to be his last as Richmond coach. There is a curious irony in Wallace’s swansong. He is competing [Read more]

AFL Round 11: Edge of your Geelong seat?

by John Harms Geelong 15.9.99 d West Coast 11.11.77 I’m not sure I’m enjoying my footy the way I did a few years ago. Sounds ridiculous really. But it’s a different experience now. In the old days of watching from the couch I wouldn’t be interrupted. Nothing would break my concentration. It was all too in-the-balance. How [Read more]

AFL Round 11: The Dons v Tyson Edwards’ receding hairline

by Rod Oaten Two things wrong with this game, the Dons are playing at the ground behind Spencer Street Railway Station and they are playing an interstate team, called Adelaide. This footy ground is like a giant fish bowl even more so when it started to drizzle and they closed the roof. Not my ideal [Read more]

Round 11: Richmond v Western Bulldogs – Tigers farwell coach in characteristic fashion

Tonight is the farewell game for Richmond’s Terry Wallace, his five year plan ending in failure with Richmond not much better off than when he came to the club. But tonight we may see even more farewells. Jordan Mcmuffin has been selected ,while Pettifer and Simmonds will get their last chance to show the new coach [Read more]

Friday preview: Plough’s last hurrah

by Dan Lonergan I’ve followed the Western Bulldogs since I was six, which stretches back to 1975, when the new cool kid came to school in grade one. He barracked for Footscray and everyone wanted to be his friend, but maybe adopting his footy team was taking it too far. At the time I was [Read more]