Fearless 2018: Round 18- The wheat from the chaff is slowly getting sorted…

Fearless presents his thoughts about the Round 18 results.

AFL Round 10: Pies and Power spark thoughts of AC/DC

By David Enticott There is nothing better than hearing AC/DC on the radio. In the midst of countless tiresome oldies their music stands out like granite in a swampy morass of easy listening. AC/DC reminds me of factories near my childhood home in Cheltenham in the 1970s- all grease and sweat and industry. These were [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Dees’ yelp then fade away at Carrara

By Steve Healy Saturdays have always been good for footy. For me, they begin at my desk in my room when I listen to the coverage of the Saturday Afternoon match on Triple M (apart from the rare occasion when the Demons play in this time slot). This Saturday was a little bit different because [Read more]

AFL Round 10: You can’t kill Collingwood

by Danielle Eid Having cable TV is always something I take for granted until I have the pleasure of watching my Collingwood boys live in my pjs and fuzzy slippers. With Dale and Didak named in for the side and the MCG advantage it was known to be a Collingwood victory from the begging, until [Read more]

AFL Round 10: North squander chances while Simon Black takes his

North Melbourne 12.9.81 lost to Brisbane 15.9.99 2.10pm, Saturday, May 30 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne by Andrew Starkie The Preston Market is my late Friday afternoon ritual. Ham and Cheese from the Greek deli. Salmon from the Vietnamese fish shop. Piped James Taylor floating above the friendly din. Looking down proudly like a portrait of the [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Carlton makes work at the London desk a little easier

Carlton versus West Coast Eagles 7.40pm, Friday, May 29 Etihad Stadium Ben Santamaria I have always loved the prospect of a Friday night game: the dash from school or work to the ’G or the Dome, or whatever it’s called these days; the taste of that first weekend beer that you feel you have earned [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Politics, money and the Bulldogs at Manuka

By Pamela Sherpa The national capital Canberra doesn’t have a team in the national competition but it is hosting an AFL game today.Sydney (Swans) and Melbourne (Bulldogs.)Melbourne. The Swans however feel at home in Canberra as they play here twice a year and garnish support from the surrounding NSW region. The politics of money and football is almost as clear as a debate [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Skill, ability, speed, unselfishness. Cats are sensational.

by Josh Barnstable A nice Sunday awaits me as I wake up from my sleep-in: 9:45am. Just enough time to get dressed, make a Milo and settle on the couch to watch three hours of consecutive footy replays from the weekend’s games. It’s a nice day to finish off the season of autumn, with tomorrow [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Another Friday, another parma, another Blues win

By Josh Barnstable   Another Friday, another exciting day at school, another successful radio interview on ABC. I tip the Blues on this occasion, knowing that Brendan Fevola does not play too many bad games in a row and that Chris Judd should bounce back from last week’s shocker against Adelaide, and so should everyone [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Rain, beer and the footy on a front bar TV in Sydney

by Tony Reed I guess I have a confession to make from the outset when reporting on this game. I didn’t watch all of it, although I did manage to watch most of it. A bit like Carlton, I knew it was a-comin’ – in this case the rain in Sydney and hoped that this [Read more]

Round 10: Gigs’ stat declaration

By Andrew Gigacz   With the World Twenty20 due to start this week, the mind of the sports fan is turning towards cricket. Of course in the quick-fix form of the game the focus is on runs, not wickets. And as if in anticipation of the event, Round 10 was full of runs of its [Read more]

Haiku Bob: inside the arc

by Haiku Bob inside the arc         half moon just the one man inside the arc           first chip out wide I reach for my beer           night dew the world wobbles on Swan’s kicking           moon-punched sky Harry squirts [Read more]

AFL Round 10 (FPS): Pies turn it on at the Greensborough RSL

By John Ramsdale Collingwood 17.12.114 d Port Adelaide 11.10.76 Encouraged by last week’s showing against the Eagles, the inclusion of Thomas and Didak, and the unpredictable form of our opponents, I crossed the MCG car park with some confidence for one of the few times this year. My companion, the Piesemist, was, as usual, less sanguine. [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Cats just too good

By Rod Oaten Geelong 20.14 (134) d Essendon 11.4 (70) I had my misgivings about this match, first of all it’s at Docklands, I can’t recall what they call it these days and frankly don’t care either . This Docklands “Fish Bowl” is a crap ground as far as I’m concerned. Let’s face it there [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Tigers hang on in thriller

by Michael Allan Another Saturday night, another Richmond game to sit through. Fortunately tonight I don’t have to leave the comfort of the couch to do so. The parents are out tonight so it’s just my Hawthorn supporting sister Bron  and I are watching ‘Before the Game.’ I need all laughs I can get before another dismal Richmond loss. Normally I’d be confident against Freo [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Port succumb to humble Pie pressure

by Nick Kossatch Collingwood        3.1    6.5    15.8    17.12 (114) Port Adelaide      5.2    7.5     9.6     11.10 (76) GOALS Collingwood: Anthony 4, Didak 3, Dick 3, L. Brown 2, Lockyer, Swan, Davis, Clarke, Sidebottom Port Adelaide: Ebert 3, Gray, Rodan, Cassisi, Tredrea, M. Westhoff, Lade, Surjan, Pearce BEST Collingwood: Swan, L. Brown, [Read more]