AFL Semi-Finals: Now for Jodie’s Cats

The evening begins to take over, closing what has to this moment been a great day.  A traditional beer and a Mitre Burger at one of Melbourne’s famous taverns for a first-time meeting with an online football friend (the famous Walesy from, followed by a walk with my wife Jodie to the MCG.

AFL Semi-Finals: Anthony the unlikely hero in hot Pies victory

After a day of being bored and getting boiled up by the 30 degree heat, I couldn’t wait for the footy to start. It made me realise how much I miss Saturday afternoon footy, although I initially tried to compensate by watching the VFL.

AFL Semi-Finals: Words of joy in the unfamiliar month of September

Here’s the thing . . .  for 36 years of my life barracking for Collingwood has been a poisoned chalice. From an early age mythical losses have been chiseled into my mind. What hurts more than anything is that many of these tragic events could be described in just one or two words: Froggy’s goal, [Read more]

AFL Finals series: Pies provide a lesson in faith

By Phil Dimitriadis This is a reflection of the brittle faith expressed by a small group of Magpie fans at the MCG last night. The cliche ‘cut-throat’ final seemed appropriate halfway through the first quarter. The Crows have made a number of deep incisions into the weakening Collingwood body and are two goals away from [Read more]