AFL Semi-Finals: Bulldogs fire in my first finals match

By Callum O’Connor This year, I had expected to go to the finals. I would be there, urging on my Tigers with my uncle as they played their first final since 2001. Well, here I am. Going to the finals? Check. To watch a big cat team with a relative? Check. Pity it’s the wrong [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Now for Jodie’s Cats

The evening begins to take over, closing what has to this moment been a great day.  A traditional beer and a Mitre Burger at one of Melbourne’s famous taverns for a first-time meeting with an online football friend (the famous Walesy from, followed by a walk with my wife Jodie to the MCG.

The Wrap: AFL Semi-Finals

THE WRAP – WEEK II OF SEPTEMBER Where Life Imitates Sport What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  We watched as The Pride of South Australia were overhauled by The Valiant Magpies and the Doggies mauled the Lions. But the biggest exit this weekend came a million miles from THOF.  Yes folks, it was [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Anthony the unlikely hero in hot Pies victory

After a day of being bored and getting boiled up by the 30 degree heat, I couldn’t wait for the footy to start. It made me realise how much I miss Saturday afternoon footy, although I initially tried to compensate by watching the VFL.

AFL Semi-Finals: Words of joy in the unfamiliar month of September

Here’s the thing . . .  for 36 years of my life barracking for Collingwood has been a poisoned chalice. From an early age mythical losses have been chiseled into my mind. What hurts more than anything is that many of these tragic events could be described in just one or two words: Froggy’s goal, [Read more]

AFL Finals series: Pies provide a lesson in faith

By Phil Dimitriadis This is a reflection of the brittle faith expressed by a small group of Magpie fans at the MCG last night. The cliche ‘cut-throat’ final seemed appropriate halfway through the first quarter. The Crows have made a number of deep incisions into the weakening Collingwood body and are two goals away from [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Superman saves the world again

Well, here we go, it’s do or die time for my Magpies. I have been waiting anxiously all week for this game to come and now that it’s finally here, I’m terrified. The number of footy conversations I’ve had at school this week was probably more than the norm. With my fellow Collingwood supporting peers [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Justice is done as Dogs bundle out Lions

By Damian Watson Finally! Yet another school week completed and another weekend of highly anticipated finals action to look forward to. We have now reached the Semi Finals which indicates that the remaining teams have entered a sudden death situation with a loss signifying the end of your campaign and it’s time to pack for [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Lions look lost away from Gabba as Dogs see them off

It’s Friday (thank God for that) and it’s exactly eight years after the 9/11 tragedy in New York. That was so long ago; Richmond made the finals in that year. After a long week which included long conversations on this website with Josh, Danielle, Damian and Michael, I get home from school (from the squash [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Semi-Finals

THE PRE WRAP – WEEK II OF SEPTEMBER For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie*.  Who ever thought the Solarium Kid had it in him to coin a phrase?  But here it is – Tuesday With Terry has given us The Down Hill Skiers.   I suppose if the Icelandic [Read more]