Almanac Flashback – The 2009 AFL Preliminary Finals: Cats v Magpies, Saints v Bulldogs

The 2009 AFL Preliminary Finals produced contrasting results, one a thrashing, the other a cliffhanger. Here’s your opportunity to re-live those two games and experience the pleasure or the pain associated with them.

AFL Prelim Finals: Dogs battle to hold out Saints while I face challenges of my own

By Josh Barnstable It’s Friday night in the Northern Territory. The sun is down, the sky is a light grey colour, yet I can feel no atmosphere compared to what I would be feeling back in Victoria. To get me in the mood, I go for a walk with a couple of mates and pat [Read more]

AFL Prelim Finals: Deserving Saints win through to Grand Final

After spending my first week of holidays in Yarrawonga, I’m keen to get home and head off to the Dogs-Saints game. Hours after getting home Dad and I are out on the road again to Surrey Hills station. We aren’t willing to take on preliminary finals traffic. On the way to the station we make [Read more]

AFL Prelim Finals: Saints’ extra bite up forward hauls them over line

It is a Friday and the end of the school term, I should be thrilled. However on this particular Friday I am relatively angry!! Today is the day I am receiving my braces!!!!!! Although this device is supposed to straighten my two crooked teeth, its presence still very annoying!! Thankfully they will only be attached [Read more]

AFL Prelim Finals: Saints desperate flurry breaks every red, blue and white heart

It’s that time of year. The end of the third term: the garbage trucks invade the streets and take rubbish from people’s nature strips. It’s September. I can’t wait for the game to begin. I come home from Founder’s Day with a smile on my face, and do whatever I can to pass time. The [Read more]