Starting to play like they want it

I took the night off work to go to Friday night footy at the G. Friday being our busiest day/night at the pub and Geelong playing an unfortunate number of Friday night matches this year I’m having to prioritise which games I go to. Grand Final replay was a no-brainer. Thriller. Guaranteed… the first half [Read more]

AFL Finals–Week 1: Lions overrun Blues on a memorable, multi-code night in Brisbane

Converting the locals one win at a time.

AFL Finals — Week 1: Deja vu all over again for Pies fans

By John Ramsdale Father’s Day saw Yarra Park full of fathers in new socks, jocks and aftershave making their way to the ground with their families in tow. The Piesemist was his usual self as we went to meet our daughters who were still a bit more optimistic about our chances than we were. We [Read more]

AFL Final — Week 1: A Tiger fan among Saints and Pies

September is one of my favourite months of the year. Full of high quality football matches and no Richmond thrashings. Dad and I always get full use out of our AFL memberships by going to as many finals as possible. This year we’ve got off to a good start as on Saturday we were at [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Saints have Pies’ measure

It’s Sunday afternoon, and it’s slightly overcast.  I’m home alone (which is good, because I won’t have to turn the sound way up and I’ll be able to hear the commentary) and the Saints are playing the Pies in a blockbuster Qualifying final at the ‘G. There are no changes to either team. I watch [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Comeback kings on top after one of the great finals finishes

Brisbane v Carlton. What a game it should be. Nothing separates these two sides betting-wise. It should be a great game. I’ve tipped Brisbane, by six points, but when I hear that Drummond and MacDonald are out my mind changes a bit. Hawksley and Hooper are coming in to replace them.

AFL Finals — Week 1: Siren beats Bullies as Cats earn Preliminary Final spot

By Josh Barnstable This couldn’t get any better. A nice spring day, two of the best teams in the league are battling it out on the grand stage of the MCG on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the Second Qualifying Final. The Bullies and the Kitties. The Dogs have their full side in minus Tom Williams, [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Lions get up no thanks to Zach Zoomer

By Josh Barnstable I’ve got the same feeling I had 13 weeks earlier. In Round 11, Brisbane played Carlton at the Gabba, and I tossed and turned on whether I should watch the match. I decided I would, and what a game it turned out to be. High scoring, close, and Brendan Fevola in magic [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Essendon need to pull socks up after Adelaide demolition

By Josh Barnstable It’s that time of the year again. It feels like only yesterday when Buddy Franklin toyed with the Bulldogs’ defence, when Collingwood came from the clouds to pip Adelaide at AAMI Stadium, when the Swans ended Shannon Grant, Nathan Thompson and Jess Sinclair’s careers, when Geelong saw off one of their main [Read more]

The Wrap: Finals — Week 1

THE WRAP Where Life Imitates Sport What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Mighty Adelaide Crows provided the Fred Hesse Annihilation Scoreboard for the 2nd consecutive week as Coach Knighter’s Brave Mosquito Bombers learn that you can only fly so far on empty.   The Cats & Dogs fight out an inconclusive battle at [Read more]

AFL Finals–Week 1: Yes we lost, but that’s all I know!

Father’s Day! To all the Almanac’s fathers: Happy Father’s Dday! I dedicate this entry to my Daddy, who I love so much that I cannot express just how much! As much as I love my Mum there’s always a part of me that loves Dad just that little bit more. I searched the net for [Read more]

AFL Finals–Week 1: Carlton capitulation leaves me stunned

We have finally reached the month of September and of course in AFL circles this signifies the finals series. September brings out the best and worst in all involved with the football world as the Top 8 teams strive for that elusive premiership cup. Two of those sides, the Brisbane Lions and Carlton, are to [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Cats steady to keep Dogs at bay

I woke up on Saturday morning, eagerly awaiting the game between the Cats and the Dogs, for the second time in two weeks. At one o’clock I turned it on the VFL, Casey Scorpions v Collingwood. The Scorpions came out and got thumped; they were down 0-21 when I turned it off to watch a [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Cats’ victory completes family circle

By Roy Hay It was never a problem hitching one’s wagon to a Geelong star in 1977. Having supported provincial losers all my life, specifically Ayr United whose trophy drought in Association Football in Scotland exceeded that of Geelong in the AFL until 2007, I was always a gimme. For years I sat in the [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Top End memories take edge off a Bomber fan’s pain

I made a great discovery some 12 weeks ago: the best way to meet your indigenous brothers in the Top End is to wear an Essendon cap. I reckon I had at least 4 conversations a day in Darwin and its surrounds by people calling out, “GO BOMBERS!”. I really enjoyed the chance to chat [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: Crows crush Bombers and I pocket small sum

Yes! The finals have arrived. After a long week at school (that old cliché) I am jumping around my house in celebration. The finals, for me, means momentarily forgetting about your team and concentrating on the best eight teams of the comp.

The Pre-Wrap: Finals — Week 1

THE PRE WRAP – WEEK 1 OF SEPTEMBER For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Out at Whinging Hill, The Bombers stood up in the tackle.  Taking sound advice from the Senior Associate at Downright Lie & Procrastinate, Sir Frank Downright, they swallowed their medicine and pleaded guilty as [Read more]

AFL Finals — Week 1: If you think Cats are under more pressure than Dogs, you’re kidding yourself

I was sitting at a family dinner on Sunday night, enjoying the lamb shanks but wondering who the Cats would play next week. I had no preference between the Pies and the Bulldogs – if you’re going to go all the way then you have to beat whoever fronts up – and the last update [Read more]