Can Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 7 review & Round 8 preview


True Believers,


What kind of a season is shaping up?


On Saturday, I attended the Murrumbateman versus Cootamundra game to watch John and some friends, loaned by the Woden Blues, for Murrumbateman’s inaugural game. A hard-fought match with a scoreline not reflecting how hard and close it was. A good performance by all. I hope the injuries (including one with a significant ambulance delay) are minor. As I do, Win or Lose, I proudly wore my Pies’ Members 2019 polo shirt prompting a significant number of comments from the assembled spectators.


Guys, I would love to hear back from you. I hope this not going into the ether, lost forever. Thanks to those few who have responded.





Collingwood 15.18.108 defeated Port Adelaide 10.9.69.


Match Report –


Ground Reports – None seen. C’mon people?


Buck’s comments –


The Game


What a Q1! 7 goals to nil. It doesn’t get any better. Credit to Port for their fight-back in Q2 scoring 5 to our 1, but the damage was done with the 2nd Half more Collingwood dominance or broad equality. As I said last week, momentum equates to “control of the game”; when we had it, we prospered. Our Q1 was unbelievable. Our attack, defined as ‘multi-pronged’ and ‘juggernaut’ by commentators, was unstoppable and our defence, a rock. Port’s recent dominance in the midfield and their ‘ownership’ of the ball did not eventuate. The Pies won across the paddock. Well done to all.


Numbers. My usual criticism relates to the conversion of Hit Outs to Clearances and onto Inside 50s and Marks Inside 50. So?

  • Hit Outs – 37 (us, courtesy Grundy (of course)) / 39 (them) – a deficiency possibly a consequence of Reid replacing Cox in the second ruck role. I’d love to see Roughead occasionally in this role. Still want to see Hit Outs to Advantage – only get those numbers occasionally in passing by a commentator.
  • Clearances – 36 / 40 (Centre – 11 / 14; stoppages – 25 / 26). A bit of a surprise to me. I’d love to see the breakdown by Quarter.
  • Inside 50s – 58 / 45. A significant reversal of the Clearances deficiency to our benefit. Good delivery. Well done.
  • Marks inside 50 – 16 / 11. Flow-on from above.
  • Scoring shots – 23 / 19. As above.


Plus, as a measure of intensity and application, a couple of numbers:

  • Contested Possession – 172 / 147.
  • Tackles – 55 / 72.

Added together, not much of a difference between the teams.


And Frees: 11 (us) / 12 (them).


Best. My other principal criticism relates to individual performance as it is a measure of the contribution individual Disposals make to the team. Broadly agree with the listed Best, but have a look their efficiency and other contributions:


  • Pendles – 36 Disposals @ 80.6% Efficiency and 5 Clearances.
  • Moore – 21 @ 81.0%. Round 7 and they are talking All Australian. Give the kid a break. Pls?
  • Phillips – 31 @ 71.0% and 1 Clearance.
  • Treloar – 35 @ 60.0% and 5 Clearances.
  • Stephenson –  14 @ 64.3% and 4 goals.
  • Grundy – 22 @ 77.3%; 6 Clearances plus 35 Hit Outs. Now, you can pencil him in for AA (again).
  • Langdon – 24 @ 83.3%


Quiet day at the office for De Goey and a few others? I’ve identified the great work the Back 6 have done this year based on just watching. Look at the numbers – In the games we have won they have limited our opponents to under 70 points (with the scores against us in the last two weeks being identical). And even in our losses Geelong only scored 72 points and the Eagles failed to break the 100 point barrier. What’s more, it may seem an odd statement, our backs are not playing defensively; the drive forward is starting from the Backline. Well done and keep it up. I’d really like to see Quaynor brought in to augment the speed in the Backline; but who would you lose? See suggested changes below.


As a team comparison we had 9 players with a game Efficiency equal to or over 80.0%; they had 7. At the other end of the scale we had 15 players with two or more Clangers; they had 14; both reflecting the intensity of the play by both sides.


Another criticism I have made in the past has been, occasionally, our teamwork has been missing. I thought the hand-off from Elliott to Beams in Q1 was terrific; as was the team support to Reid on his return to goal-kickers’ club. Some of us in the past have lamented the individual achievements as distinct to ‘the team’. I think it is pretty evident that they are all playing for each other. And for the Club, the support for Kyron (Snr and Jnr) really says it all. Well done, Pies; we are proud to belong.


In comparison:

  • Boak – 32 [email protected] 62.5% and 5 Clearances.
  • Wines – 28 @ 60.7% and 6 Clearances.
  • Lycett – 11 @ 63.6% plus 14 Hit Outs.






Saturday, 11 May at the MCG; bounce at 1.45pm. Go to


I hate these games; Carlton have absolutely nothing to lose, whereas we do. Which Carlton side is going to turn up? The side which was hammered by North on the weekend or the one which established a 6-goal lead over Hawthorn by Half Time the week before; or the Carlton team that managed to waste that 6-goal lead losing to Hawthorn by 5 points; or the team that beat the Bulldogs by 44 points. Carlton come into this game in 17th position on the Ladder on a percentage of 85.3% (compared with our 2nd place and 126.9%), Carlton have 1 Win and 6 Losses compared with our 5 and 2. And, not surprisingly in this situation even without the announced teams, we are Favourites $1.07 to $8.00.




Finding something positive to say about Carlton is difficult. They do good things for periods balanced against bad things for longer periods. Criticisms used terms like “pathetic” to describe the total absence of desperation. Discussion is now centring on the coach’s retention.


Who to watch for:

Based on performances this year, the following are worth watching:

  • Midfield – Kreuzer and Cripps
  • Forwards – Petrevski-Seton, McKay and Silvagni.
  • Backline – Weitering, Jones (if back fit) and Daisy (of course).


Therefore, watch Cripps; maybe tag? Play our game, avoid responding to theirs. For a bit of fun, maybe tag Daisy for a Quarter. Do you remember his first kick against us, a few years ago now, as a Carlton player? Went about 20 metres but he kicked a sizeable lump of dirt along with it.




We need to play ‘our game’ for four Quarters. We need to impose our pressure on the opposition, constantly.



  • Four-Quarter footy. We need to work to Win all four Quarters, particularly in the periods leading to the breaks. We didn’t achieve that last week.
  • Pressure, pressure, pressure.
  • Midfield? We need to exploit our Ruck dominance, the direct link between Hit Outs and Clearances, around the ground as well as in the Centre. Better and better. Try Roughead in 2nd ruck role (even with Cox back I don’t really rate him as a ruck).
  • Efficiency. Seek to meet the 80% standard. Look before you pass.
  • Access to goal & Teamwork? we need to seek to provide multiple leads into the 50. See earlier comment regarding best position inside 50. Same as last week.


  • It’s always a terrific situation when you have too many players competing for positions. I’m going to take a punt: Ins – Cox, Quaynor and Varcoe; Outs – Adams (injured), Brown and Greenwood. Yes, I did consider Mihocek’s position, even keeping him in, I’d probably put Reid at CHF.


Weather: Cloudy with little chance of rain on Saturday. But rain is forecast on Thursday and Friday so the ground is likely to be wet and the ball slippery. Boots with stops; not moulded soles (and, yes, my wife picked up the typo in a previous email regarding moulded souls).


My prediction: Pies Win by 47 points. BOG – Treloar – 36 Disposals @ 83.9% Efficiency and 8 Clearances. Reid and Cox get four each.


Attendance: Anyone going? Ground Reports pls?


Future: And the challenges continue after Carlton:

  • Round 9 – St Kilda.
  • R10 – Sydney in Sydney. Any Canberrans off to Sydney? Ground Reports pls? Any grandmothers back from overseas visiting grandchildren in Sydney?
  • R11 – Freo in Melbourne.
  • R12 – Melbourne – QB Monday.
  • R13 – Bye. Anyone else wondering where half the season has gone?


TV: No FTA TV. Find a friend with FOXTEL or head down to the pub / club.



  • Eddie Watch. Quiet.


Go Pies.






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