Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: That tackle

True Believers, g’day to all. Well, that was fun. Two from two (AFL and VFL wins).

The Weekend?


A win over North Melbourne, 16.15.111 to 7.15.57.

Match Reports at and

Buck’s comments at

A great performance by the ‘runners’ – fantastic connections. Great Centre clearances (but see next comment, below) – well done, Brodie. And great pressure throughout, by everyone. That tackle? I’m not sure of the rules any more – I tend to agree with Bucks – textbook perfect – there does seem to be a disconnect between the umps and the MRP.

The Numbers Game. I’m tempted to suggest someone can’t add up – Suggesting North dominated the Clearances over us: 33 to 25, supposedly also dominating the Inside 50s: 54 to 49, are both something I never would have suggested. Once again, hard to look too closely without a better breakdown.

Best? Treloar, Adams, Blair, Langdon, De Goey, Grundy. A pretty good team effort. Well done to all. That said, I do not like individual Goals from the Centre. I think it ‘smacks’ of arrogance – there should always be someone better placed to pass the ball to.

VFL. A good Win over Werribee 15.12.102 to 11.4.70, maybe, just maybe, we might make the Finals.  Match reporting at Good performances: Kirby and Aish.

Next week?


Next  Week? Round 21 – versus Port in Adelaide on Sunday, 13 August; bounce 4.10pm (ACST).

Them. Port had a shocker last weekend in their home derby against Adelaide in Adelaide – some feedback from their coach – But they are placed 5th on the Ladder (compared with our 12th place) with their future including the Finals: Percentages: 122.5% vs our 100.2% (at least we’re back over 100% again). As inferred, they were thrashed by Adelaide and have had very variable results before that. Since their Round 9 Bye, they’ve accumulated 5 Losses and 6 Wins, but it is the margins that are concerning. They beat Hawthorn by 51 points and beat North in Adelaide by 70 points. But, in addition to last week, they’ve Lost to Essendon by 70 points. But they beat us by 31 points in Round 14, in Melbourne.  They are sitting to finish the season against us (12th place), WB ( 7th) and the GC (placed 15th) compared with our Port (5th place), Geelong (4th, but at least at the MCG; not Kardinia Park) and Melbourne (10th and maybe fighting for survival). So, is there anything that may result from their thrashing last week? An 84 point Loss points to some serious deficiencies, not the least of which would be motivation and interest. I expect Port to come out ‘red-hot’.  We need to wear the assault early on and counterattack as we can. Hey; we just drew with the team that beat them by 84 points.

People / Things to watch for. Their Mids made up of R. Gray, Wines and Ebert are consistently among their Best; along with Ryder in the ruck. Up Forwards Wingard, Diixon, Powell-Pepper and Westhof have all been notable, but not consistently so; and Westhof and Wingard have been picked amongst their Best from the Forward Pockets. Anyone else?

Implications. If Grundy is ‘pinged (update: offered 2; can appeal) we have some serious problems. Cox is not a ruck; nor can Darcy ruck for extended periods. I would bring Keeffe in to the ruck role. Watch the crumbing around both the Forward and Back packs. We need to have decided that not everyone will go for the ‘screamer’ – we need people on the ground too. Our Best against Port in Round 14 included Pendles, Fas, Sidebottom, Goldsack, Treloar and Reid. Of those Reid has changed ends since then and Pendles and Goldsack are both doubtfuls. Expect a biggie from Fas – he is overdue.

Us.  As above, we’ve nothing to lose – so go for it.

Ins / Outs / Maybe’s? Outs – maybe a number out hurt (Greenwood, Wells and Goldsack) plus (probably) Grundy and still Pendles. Ins – As per the above – let’s try some different things – Keeffe, Schade, and Kirby in. Who else? Maybe Aish back.

Game Plan? Okay’ish. As per last week, it’s almost too late in the season to make a difference, but keep trying. Dominate the Midfield – win the Clearances. Use the ‘corridor’ as much as we can. Tie up our kick-in planning.

What do you think?

We should win this.

Weather? Adelaide – Clear and sunny, but some rain on Thursday and Friday. May be slippery.

Game Previews:

·         Agenda. Michael Christian’s Agenda (hosted by Rob Waters in Christian’s absence with Jay Clark from the Herald-Sun) at the Pies website. There now.  Go to .

·         AFL Match Day Preview – There in the next few days. Their prediction is not there yet, but the betting is: $1.35 to $3.15 – we are clearly not favourites.

  • Natoli’s ‘Ultimate Preview’ will be on the Pies Home Page at in the next few days.
  • The Age Preview – Should be at also in a few days.
  • Expert Tips – will be at  Not sure this week.  Watch and see.


My PicksPies by 27 points. BOG: Treloar (again) – 37 touches @ 83.1% DE.  Reid – four Goals; Kirby – four Goals; Elliott and Fasolo – four Goal Assists each. Crowd: 53,000 (Full).  Best competition: Keeffe vs Ryder.

TV? No Free to Air. Find a friend or see you at Eastlake (for Canberrans).


This weekend Round18 – versus North Ballarat at Victoria Park on Sunday, 13 August; bounce 1.00pm.

North Ballarat are sitting at 14th (out of a on the Ladder with a percentage of just over 50% (with one Win) compared with our 10th place and 90% (seven Wins, including some serious scalps recently). So, for once we are the solid favourite.  Go Pies.

Who to watch for in our side? Well it depends who gets pulled into the AFL side. Of those remaining look for those suggested above.


Other Things:

·         ‘Eddie Watch’. Nothing, apart from his little ‘tanty’ regarding the return of Uncle Grumps to coaching the Pies?  As if!

·         Melbourne Finals. This is worth a read – If the ladder at the end matched the current one, the first week of the Finals would see four matches interstate, none in Victoria –  Good for footy?

·         AFLW.

·         For the Canberrans (or GWS Management, maybe)?  GWS ran away with the game at Manuka, but it is always good to see AFL played in Canberra.  Some GWS statistics (c’mon, it’s me) – In 2016 The Canberra crowds averaged 12,900 (including a very low GWS/Port game) compared with Spotless average crowds of 12,200, including 37,000 who watched the GWS/Sydney game.  In 2017 Canberra crowds have averaged 12,500, including another poor Port attendance, compared with Spotless crowds, so far (one Spotless game to go – Round 22; plus maybe a home Final) average of 13,100.  This last figure is, again, affected substantially by the GWS/Sydney game attracting 21,900.  My point?  I’d like to see more GWS games in Canberra and see the crowd size as an incentive, particularly if we stop inviting Port. This year Collingwood played at Spotless in front of 11,400 spectators; last year there were 13,500 at the game there.  I have absolute confidence that we could at least match those figures.  Some other teams like Carlton, Hawthorn, Essendon and Richmond have similarly played at Spotless in front of poor crowds.

The Future? Interesting comments by team players and commentators regarding Buck’s future. Specifically relating to his tenure next year, there is a pretty strong consensus that the way the Pies are playing now is indicative of good coaching and Buck’s future next year. What I hadn’t heard was the criticism of the Club regarding the impact on ‘the coach’ as a consequence of dynamism in the Football Department. If I was a betting man, I would bet on Bucks being there next year.

Welcome your views?

Reporting.  C’mon people – your Reports?  Is anyone getting to the games?

Footy Almanac.  The Footy Almanac site includes us and others.  See:

Go Pies.


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