Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 9 review, Round 10 preview

G’day to all.


Well, I skipped having to report after five losses because of our win last week (just, I note, following a not-too-impressive performance). I had hopes that we might take to Sydney – hopes that appeared valid up to the end of Q1; maybe even to HT…though the end seemed fairly clear to me by then. In truth I don’t hold out much hope for this season nor the next few games, including Geelong in a couple of weeks, to which I’ve been invited to attend with my Geelong-supporting siblings. Oh well, hope springs eternal. Remember that sign outside a church in Hawthorn where the Minister had written ‘What would you do if Jesus came to Hawthorn?’ to which someone had responded on the sign ‘Move Peter Hudson to Centre Half Forward’. My apologies to those who have no idea who Peter Hudson was. Ask your parents or grandparents.



Things are afoot at our club HERE.  While I have immediate doubts given the author, the article is a well-argued paper. Watch this space.



Round 9

Collingwood 5.12.42 were defeated by Sydney 10.12.72



Match report:


Bucks’ comments:


Interesting comments separating the plan and its implementation. He also considered the work-rate was good throughout the game. I disagree.



Extraordinary things we saw sourced from our players:

Not much. Do you recall anything?



Some statistics and comments:

Hit Outs – Ignoring this number as irrelevant.
Clearances – 40 (us)/28 (them). Well, we won this. But then?
Inside 50s – 45/58. Hmm? What happened? Next measure?
Disposal Efficiency – 67.6%/74.1%
Individual Disposal Efficiency – 2/9 players with a DE equal to or over 80% (our two – Mayne and Crisp; well done!) and 4/2 with an individual DE equal to or under 50%. These numbers are significant as a measure of how clean the ball is moved between players. The extraordinarily high level achieved by Sydney is indicative of players delivering the ball accurately.
Inside 50: Disposal Efficiency – 44.4%/43.1% and Marks – 4/12.
Contested possessions – 149/153.
Tackles – 69/82. With CP, as an indication of application, that’s not good.
Scoring Shots – 17/22
Losing margin – 18 points



So, for once (actually twice counting last week) we won the clearances but because we were outplayed, we lost the Inside 50s by a significant margin. And we lost the scoring shots and goals, and the game.



Starting at the bounce, both Hickey and Grundy were the principal clearance source for each team. Bucks acknowledged the ruck duel as ‘neutral’. This is not the result you would expect of an AA ruck. Then, the question is how a clearance domination could be turned into an inside 50 deficit. Look at the disposal efficiency figures – we got the ball but were far more likely to give it to Sydney. And entering the 50? Their marking inside 50 was hugely more effective than ours, leading, I suspect, to more reliable kicking for goal positions. It seemed our entry inside 50 was frequently a kick to a pack rather than a targeted leading forward. Restricting Sydney’s total to 72 points is a major achievement reflecting a pretty successful defence, however across the paddock we lost the contested possession and tackle numbers – something that we’ve used in the past as a measure of application. A few things to work on.



The ‘new’ game. We lost the disposals 370/402, uncontested possessions 210/243 and marks 69/95. Maybe this ‘keepings off’ style of play, as demonstrated by these numbers, is indicative of what we need to be doing – get possession and keep it; don’t turn over possession easily. The quickest and surest way to handover possession is to kick the ball to an opponent inside our attacking 50 or to kick a behind – not value for effort.



Best: Hoskin-Elliott, Crisp, Maynard, Mayne and Sidebottom. No comment. Well done, Crisp, on his 150th consecutive game. Daicos might feel a bit left out – 28 disposals, 5 tackles and 3 clearances – right amongst those picked.




Application – Sydney dominated us after Q1. We looked slow.
Back Six – Moore back restarted Collingwood’s defensive DNA. Maynard did well on Buddy.
Ball Handling – Not good. We have a way to go.
Forwards – Our tradition of failing to pass to an inside 50 target showed, resulting in many possession handovers.
Tackling and one-on-one – Still too many opponents running out of tackles and in one-on-one competitions.
Midfield success – Technically, we won the clearance battle but lost the inside 50s.



Experts: 94% expected a Swans Win. Go to .Thank you, Scott Gullen from the Herald-Sun for your support. Not so, some others from whom I would expect support.



Round 10

Collingwood Magpies v Port Adelaide Power

3:20pm, Sunday, May 23 at the MCG




Port are sitting fifth on the ladder with six wins and three losses; we are placed 16th with two wins and seven losses. Our respective percentages are 120.6% and 85.1%.



Port’s season has included a couple of surprises, including their three losses and their two-point win over Richmond:



Round 1 – Win over the Kangaroos by 52 points
Round 2 – Win over the Bombers by 54
Round 3 – Loss to Eagles by 37
Round 4 – Win over Tigers by 2
Round 5 – Win over Blues by 28
Round 6 – Win over Saints by 54
Round 7 – Loss to Lions by 49
Round 8 – Win over Crows by 49
Round 9 – Loss to Bulldogs by 19



Port have perfected their ‘running game’ using quick ball movement through the middle ground. Expect ferocious tackling.



Based on their games this year, so far 18 players have made their best lists. Players to watch:


Wines – Centre: Consistent control of the Midfield battle and source of recovery action
Georgiades – FF: Linked with Dixon, below, he has been the source of multiple scores
Boak – Ruck rover: Source of much drive out of the midfield tag? Pendles?
Amon – Wing/Rover: As above
Aliir – BP: An off-season recruit who drives off the HB line; and
Fantasia – HF


And, while not consistently making their best lists, watch for:

Dixon – FP




Team & Tasks. I think the use of the newbies is fantastic but we still need a couple of changes:



Lynch – Ruck, alternating with Grundy (FF) setting up a much taller forward line



Thomas. Your thoughts?



Game plan: We need to focus on (same as nearly every week):



Application. High intensity commitment for four quarters. Watch the contested possession and tackle numbers. The chase and tackle must be maintained for four quarters, and when we tackle, we have to hold on.


A different approach. As suggested above, replace Grundy with Lynch as the principal ruck; move Grundy forward into the FF role supported by Cameron, Mihocek and De Goey and the other smalls.


Winning the clearances. Dominate inside 50s and look for a better placed goal-kicker and note the likely aggression, pressure and speed of ball-movement by Port; we need to be prepared to pass wide or back, be patient and maintain control. We can win this if we get that control and keep it.



Conclusion: We can win this, but there’s a few things we have to get right.



My picks: Collingwood to win by 19 points. BOG – Pendles – 28 disposals @ 91.9% DE; eight clearances and four tackles; Grundy, De Goey, Cameron and Mihocek each get two goals. Your thoughts?



Experts: Go to Check it out later in the week.



Weather: Dry; wear what you want.



TV: FTA coverage – don’t know. Check later in the week. Routine for FOXTEL and Kayo.



Other: Injuries. Go to



Go Pies.




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