Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 3 Review

That performance was awful. It was typified by a lack of commitment (and chase), simple handling errors and poor kicking (as stated by my daughter, Genevieve, after one extraordinarily poor kick at goal: “I could have kicked that“.  Yep, I have little doubt she could have.  And many, many, many ‘kick and hope’ entries to the 50 – so few actually directed at a specific target.

If you haven’t seen it, don’t bother. The most extraordinary thing is the final score.  We didn’t deserve to be anywhere near that close.  Much more useful way to spend your time was to watch Bananas in Pyjamas.

For those who watched it, particularly those who were there and had stayed to the very end (well done) any ‘on the ground reports’?

I thought our game was typified by Trav’s last kick at goal – ‘Out on the Full’ – the text at Q4; 28 min mark: “Cloke marks strongly and from 50m out directly in front, the veteran forward shanks it horribly and boots it out of bounds on the full. That sums up Collingwood’s day!” Yep, sure did sum up our day.

Match Reports – and

Comments. The game was actually pretty level apart from the first half of the Third Quarter.  Not sure what caused that critical lapse when, as per Buck’s comment: “our defensive strategy collapsed“.  Any comments from others?  Don’t think that I accept a ‘level’ competition with St Kilda; I don’t. We should have dominated them, heading to an easy and comprehensive win. A simple comment: Disposals that fail to go to another Pies player or goes directly to an opposition player are not effective.  A quick look at the game Statistics show an interesting divide: The Saints had 13 players with 80% or better Disposal Efficiency we had 7, however ours included Treloar, Pendles, Adams, Oxley and Langdon.  What you see, however, is the vast majority of our other players well down.  The Saints had nearly 100 more Disposals than us.  Bucks – and highlighted the lack of commitment represented by this enormous difference in uncontested possessions – our inability / unwillingness to chase, and continue chasing.  Bucks has indicated a willingness to make personnel and game plan changes (after stating “we are too easy to play against“) .  We’ll see what happens this week; of course he has said that before.

How to play? And if you need a reminder of how to play footy, from two losing sides, have a quick look at how GWS and the Western Bulldogs play ‘close-in’ and their application.  Simply outstanding.


  • Two’s. A great win by the VFL side.  Go to: – great performance, particularly by the collective Backline.  It would be fair to note that I’ve been somewhat critical of the inclusion of White in the AFL side Forward Line.  Noting our club’s history and remembering Chris Tarrant’s successful shift from All Australian Forward to pretty successful FullBack, I would note (to be fair) White’s performance in the VFL side Backline – he may get back into the AFL side sooner than any of us expected; and

TV coverage. My apologies to all; my mistake on this.  I do this, unfortunately, not infrequently – forget to change the location.  Of course the Canberra TV would show the Sydney / GWS game;  the delayed showing was for Melbourne viewers.

Next: Melbourne on Sunday, 17 April.  Bounce: 3.20pm.

Go Pies.

Cam Hooke


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    I think the only way I can watch my sad beloved pies at the moment is in the cause of writing a review about them. Thanks Cam

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