Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 21 and 22: Better and better.

Round 21 – Melbourne

Collingwood 10.10.70 defeated Melbourne 7.11.53.


Match Report –

Ground Reports  – Did anyone attend? Does anyone else want to comment?

Bucks’ comments –

The Game – I wasn’t sure what was going with our usual (with recent exceptions) habit of winning Q1. Fortunately,and throughout the whole game, they couldn’t kick straight so the margin at the end of Q1 was meaningless.

We played for two Quarters – Q2 and Q3. Simply put, Goals scored by Quarter were:

  • Q1 – 0 (us) / 1 (them).
  • Q2 – 5 / 1.
  • Q3 – 4 / 1.
  • Q4 – 1 / 4.

Our dominance in Q2 and 3 was everything we know we can produce. Outstanding. And then we stopped in Q4, not that we were under any real threat of losing. They made their loss somewhat respectable by turning a 42 Point deficit from early in Q4 into a 17 Point Loss. It might have been nice to add a couple of points onto our percentage.

Some Numbers. My standard concern relating to the conversion of Hit Outs into Goals:

  • Hit Outs – 48 (us) / 31 (them). An interesting competition between Grundy and Gawn – see numbers below. I didn’t think Grundy dominated as indicated in the numbers but, as usual he did around the ground.
  • Clearances – 31 / 36 (Centre – 5 / 8; stoppages – 26 / 28). Another poor transition from HO to Clearance where we are being ‘sharked’. We have to fix this before we run into teams in the Finals.
  • Inside 50s – 44 / 43. Pretty good except…See next.
  • Marks inside 50 – 6 / 12. Awful.
  • Scoring Shots – 20 / 18. Not sure where these numbers came from. I’ve rabbited on about scoring Behinds. An example: Varcoe, who I value hugely collected the ball and kicked a Goal on a reasonably acute angle. Terrific; I cheered like every other True Believer. I did note there were three other Pie players relatively free closer to the goal and in front. We should consider actively looking for the safer shot position. I think it is time to no longer accept equal numbers of Goals and Behinds as a fair day at the office.
  • Goals – 10 / 7.

A couple of other team statistics:

  • Pressure:
    • Contested Possessions – 132 / 123;
    • Tackles – 81 / 67; and
    • Total: 213 / 190. That is a substantial difference related to effort. I’d love to see the numbers, by Quarter. I suspect Q2 and Q3 dominance would be very clear.
  • Mistakes:
    • Disposal Efficiency (players with DE equal to or greater than 80%) – 7 / 6; and
    • Clangers (players with two or more Clangers) – 11 / 13.

Individual Performance, with some key numbers?

Our Best (AFL website):

  • Treloar – 31 Disposals @ 64.5% Disposal Efficiency;  six Clearances; two Goal Assists. Another awesome day at the office but last week his DE was 91.4%; this week 64.5%.
  • Grundy – 16 @ 37.5%; seven Cl; one Rebound 50 and two Inside 50s; plus 44 HO. See Gawn’s numbers below.
  • Mihocek – 12 @ 91.7%; one R50 and two I50s; plus four Goals. Importantly, seven marks.
  • Pendles – 23 @ 91.3%; two R50s and five I50s;
  • Sidebottom – 28 @ 57.1% DE; three Cl; six R50s and four I50s. And nine marks.
  • Howe – 22 @ 90.9%; six R50s and two I50s. And eight marks.

I would add Maynard (seven marks) and Crisp (a goal as a Back) to that list.

And to compare a couple:

  • Gawn (Ruck) – 13 @ 61.5%; four Cl; two R50s and one I50; plus 29 HO. I think we give a ‘points-win’ to Grundy.
  • Oliver (Rover) – 29 @ 72.4%; seven Cl; two R50s and two I50s.
  • Fritsch (CHF) – 15 @ 46.7% and two I50s.

So? I assess our performance based on Q2 and Q3 (add Q1 if you want). Over that period it was a comprehensive performance and Melbourne were not in our League. Looking forward, again.

Round 22 – Adelaide

Saturday, 17 August; bounce 4.05pm (4.35 pm AEST) in Adelaide (with their wildly unbiased fans supporting a great game). Between 5th and 9th; 113.9% and 107.5%;  13 Wins and 10 Wins; inside the Top 8, fighting to be Top 4, and outside the Eight fighting to get in. Go to Betting is already in place – regardless of all that, Adelaide are favourites $1.75 to $2.05 (though I do note these figures do change while you watch them).

As I continue to say, it is absolutely critical we keep winning (and winning well).


Adelaide also came into the season on a promise of the future but have not really produced, not consistently. They’ve had their big Wins, but interspersed with surprising Losses. They beat Richmond in Round 13 by 33 points from a 4-goal deficit in Q1. Since their Bye they established a Half-time lead over Geelong in Round 15 before losing by 27 Points. But they beat GC by 95 Points. Last weekend they Lost to WCE by 10 Points having been even at HT. So Adelaide come into this game on the basis of a comprehensive Win over St Kilda and a good performance against the Premiers. Interestingly, they have produced better in the 1st Half than later in the games.

Adelaide are a good side and can play good football. And they play better in front of ‘their’ crowd. As above, they are fighting to get into the Finals – good motivation.

Who to watch for?

  • Midfield – B. Crouch (RR) and M. Crouch (rover).
  • Forwards – Tex Walker (CHF) and Sloane (HF; if fit).
  • Backline – Laird (HB) and Talia (FB, maybe).

Also keep an eye on Seedsman, if he is playing, for old times sake. And Eddie Betts, also if he is playing, a true football magician. If we are going to tag Eddie please use someone that can turn inside him. Defence against him cannot rely only on falling on him (as we’ve seen in the past – go Brownie).

So? Work hard early on to gain control of the game. Win the Midfield Battle. Speed and variety of entry into the 50 and score Goals (not Behinds).<


Last week was important; to keep winning. Remember that we come into this game having Lost four of the five games before the GC and Melbourne Wins. And we travel well. If we are on a roll, we need to keep it going.

Approach (mostly, the same as last week and the weeks before)?

  • Critical approach – Establish control of the game – play it our way; not theirs. Use handballs.
  • Scoring Behinds? Avoid; look for the better position.
  • Entry to goal. While the ‘up and under’ into a pack in front of Goal is a valid approach it should not be the only avenue.
  • Crumb around the packs and watch their ‘smalls’, Forward and Back; particularly Eddie.
  • Tackling. We need to hold our tackles; not be brushed off.

plus, critically:

  • Play for four Quarters; not just two.

Team? Some changes:

I don’t think using Roughead Forward worked. Leave him Back. Use Moore at CHF.

  • Out – Daicos (injured), Greenwood and Mayne (managed) and Wills.
  • In – Moore, De Goey, Noble and Lynch.
  • Coming? Stephenson and De Goey? Maybe also consider Broomhead?

Weather? Light rain is forecast on Thursday and Friday before our Saturday game. The ground will be wet. Get the boots with ‘stops’ out.

TV? No FTA. Find a friend with FOXTEL or your ‘Local’.
My prediction? Pies Win by 37 Points. BOG – Grundy- 29 Disposals @ 81.5% Disposal Efficiency plus 43 Hit Outs and two Goals. Mihocek and Elliott each get four Goals; Moore gets two.

Attendance?  Anyone going? Ground Reports pls?

Future. The challenges continue and in the current competition no team can be ignored or considered an ‘easy beat’:

  • Round 23 – Essendon at the G. Guessed result – Win.
  • And, then finally, the Finals.

Keep the faith.


  • Eddie Watch. Quiet; a great thing.
  • Injury Lists. Adelaide are very fortunate regarding injuries; unlike us. Go to to see the difference.
  • I note that we couldn’t rely on Carlton beating Richmond to keep us in the Top 4. No surprise there.
  • And particularly for those who have ‘arrived’ in our august group more recently, if you wanted to look at a bit of history go to the Footy Almanac site at Enjoy.

Go Pies.



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