Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 17 Review and Round 18 Preview


True Believers, I would firstly acknowledge Richmond are a quality side. They’ve had their setbacks recently, particularly relating to injuries, but up to our game they were still a Finals contender. I didn’t enjoy the first three Quarters much. It seemed we were focussed on passing the ball via the Wings (too much lateral movement); we appeared slow and risk-averse, rarely using the corridor, though I will admit, we kept responding to Richmond limiting any chance that they could run away with the game.


Then there was the Final Quarter. At the 3-minute mark at the start of Q4 we were 20 Points down. Then we scored nine times from 14 inside 50s. Five of our goals came from Clearances. We won Disposals by 96, Marks by 58 and Contested Possessions by 24. It was a most extraordinary performance. One of the TV commentators said, “Bucks must be sitting at home watching and wondering where has this team been all year?” I don’t disagree. When you think of how many close Losses we’ve suffered this year, this Quarter performance was, simply, overdue.


Round 17


Collingwood 13.9.87 defeated Richmond 11.5.71.


A look at the Goals scored by Quarter:


  • Q1: 1 (us) / 4 (them);
  • Q2: 3 / 3;
  • Q3: 2 / 3;
  • Q4: 7 / 1; and
  • Total: 13 / 11.


Match Report. Go to


Harves’ Comments. Go to


Harvey, on questioning, let people know that his 3/4-time message was “more of the same”, perhaps with some increase in speed of ball movement. What wasn’t addressed was the significant shift in the use of the corridor over the Wings. He emphasised his confidence throughout the game, but noted the leadership shown by the senior team members in Q4 as delivering a great message to the younger players. It was a good result which he encouraged the players to enjoy.




Checking the control of the ball ‘new game’ first:


  • Disposals – 440 (us) / 343 (them);
  • Uncontested Possessions – 296 / 210; and
  • Marks – 122 / 64.


We won every component – across the game we gained domination of Possession and kept it.




  • Clearances – 36 / 29.
  • Inside 50s – 55 / 51; and
  • Disposal Efficiency – 75.2% / 75.8%. Figures measuring player numbers with DE equal to or over 80.0% were 9 / 10 and equal to or under 50.0% were 0 / 1. Not hugely different except for the Marks inside 50, below. Generally, the Backs have more time to decide and have a higher DE percentage. Some notable achievements away from the Backs were – Pendles – 91.7%, C. Brown – 83.3% and Hoskin-Elliott – 80.8%. Similarly, Midfield players have less time (obviously except for Mr Smooth, Pendles) with a resultant lower DE percentage. Notable, away from that group? Sidebottom – 65.0%. Not good.



Okay, Clearances we Won, inside 50s we Won (just) and marginally different DE. See DE inside 50, below.


Effort: Bucks was a strong supporter of effort being indicated by Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. So:


  • Contested Possessions – 153 / 128; and
  • Tackles – 55 / 53.


Better than in some games. Well done, everyone.


And the use of the ball towards the Goal? Inside 50 numbers:


  • Tackles – 13 / 9. Good;
  • Marks – 13 / 10. Also good, giving an advantage. I suspect much of our number, here, happened in Q4; and
  • DE – 40.0% / 31.4%. This is a significant and really important difference. This is where we Won the game – much better use of the ball inside the 50 on top of a slight advantage in entries to the 50.




  • Scoring shots – 22 / 16;
  • Goals scored – 13 / 11; and
  • Winning margin – 16 Points.


Best: Crisp, Adams, De Goey, Maynard, Elliott and Pendles. Don’t disagree – in a generally great team-effort these players were notable.




  • Grundy could be an effective Forward. Note his influence when he went forward last week;
  • Rucks – see proposal below;
  • Adams, De Goey and Elliott alternating between the Midfield and the Forward line was terrific; potentially releasing Pendles to go elsewhere – Forward or Back, subject to need;
  • Use the corridor when possible, delivering the ball quickly and directly;
  • Deliver the ball to a leading Forward – hard, low and flat; and
  • We need to keep our attack up across the paddock for the entire game; not limited to a single Quarter.



Experts? Yep, 94% of the Experts picked a Richmond Win. I love it when so many, seriously informed and knowledgeable ‘experts’ are so totally wrong. Go to


We need to keep Winning – I don’t think we should ever give up.


Round 18


Collingwood versus Carlton


Sunday, 18 July at the MCG; bounce at 3.20pm. Note that the location may change at the last minute – the G is now a Covid suspect site.




The olde enemy.


Carlton started the Season as a major improver from last year; it hasn’t happened, though they are still sitting above us on the Ladder – 13th with 6 Wins and 10 Losses, compared with our 15th spot based on 5 Wins and 11 Losses, and their percentage of 91.5% not a whole lot higher than ours of 91.4%. We have Won our last three meetings however in the last five games, compared with our last five, Carlton beat Freo by 16 Points, compared with our Loss to them by 12, and they beat Adelaide by 10 Points compared with our winning margin of 5 Points. Certainly, they have gone nowhere near beating Top 8 teams, as we have.  They’ve also suffered some significant injury losses – Casboult, Curnow (on the way back through the VFL this weekend) and Docherty.


Players to watch:


  • Walsh – Rover;
  • Weitering – FB;
  • Cripps – Centre. May warrant tagging?;
  • Saad – HB; and
  • McKay – FF.


The Midfield battle should be entertaining – Walsh and Cripps versus Adams and De Goey and Grundy (or Lynch (see below)). Once again, whichever side wins the Clearances and Inside 50s is well on the way to winning the game.


Also watch:


  • Eddie Betts – HF / FP. A magical player; and
  • Silvagni – FP. He’s got the name.




Always hard changing a winning team, however….


Team & Tasks. Some changes are essential, to make the team better:




  • Lynch. To take the principal ruck role, releasing Grundy to FF, alternating with him. He performed that role well at this level before being dropped and has had a number of great games at VFL more recently;
  • Ginnivan – Forward. Check his VFL recent performance – go to
  • Poulter – Wing; and
  • Sier – Reserve.




  • Kelly – injured (again);
  • Bianco – managed;
  • Henry – managed; and
  • Murphy – managed.



Your thoughts?


Game Plan. We need to focus on:


  • See Lessons, above;
  • Emphasise the use of the corridor and the speed of delivery of the ball / acceptance of risk;
  • Application. High intensity commitment for four Quarters – bring the same energy as in Q4, last week. Watch the Contested Possession and Tackle numbers. The chase and tackle must be maintained for four Quarters, and when we tackle, we have to hold on;
  • Place Lynch as the principal ruck; move Grundy forward into the FF role supported by Cameron and Mihocek and Elliott and the other smalls. Critically important is the delivery Inside 50 to a leading Forward – one on one, Elliott has shown the ability to chest mark a leading kick and then to kick accurately;
  • Keep the ball away from Cripps, if he is playing (probably);
  • Winning the Clearances. Dominate Inside 50s and look for a better placed goal-kicker. De Goey just appears to make things happen from the Midfield; Adams is always there producing;
  • Drive forward off the HB line; and
  • We can Win this if we get possession and keep it.


Conclusion. We can Win this but must control possession.


My picks. Collingwood to Win by 37 Points. BOG – Adams – 34 Disposals, 12 Clearances, 10 Inside 50s, 8 Tackles and 4 Goal Assists. Grundy – four goals and three Goal Assists.  Your thoughts?



Experts. Go to Check it out later in the week.

Weather. Light rain is forecast. Get rid of the moulded-sole boots.

TV. FTA coverage – not sure. Detail not there yet. Check later in the week. Routine for FOXTEL and Kayo.





Go Pies.




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  1. george smith says

    We haven’t got much in the kitty for the great leap forward, yet we seem to have most things covered. We are after key forwards to give Brodie Mihocek some well earned backup, but, as usual, they, McMahon (concussion), Kelly (quad), Johnson (finger) are all injured. As this is the season from purgatory (not hell, that was 1982), it does not matter when they come back, but it would be nice to get some senior experience for all of them this year.

    On a brighter note we have a small forward called Ginnivan, who could be anything, but certainly an adequate replacement for Stephenson and the ageing Thomas. Yet another bright note is the form of Lynch, which now leaves us with four ruckmen and only two slots. Surely a side like GWS or the Moggies, who are crying out for a ruckman would do a sweet deal for one of our understudies.

  2. Cameron Hooke says

    Well said, George.
    As I’ve been emphasising, I’d like to keep Lynch. Remember Watts was actually the preferred ruck, in advance of Grundy, before he damaged his hand in the pre-season, many years ago.
    Are the other two rucks you are referring to Cameron and Cox? Cameron has been performing well as an overhead target up Forward.
    Yes, we don’t have a bad List – particularly the Back6 and the Midfield. I love Elliott’s ability to lead and chest-mark. And the other Forwards – crumbing a bit. Just getting them all fit and healthy and available does seem to be a challenge.

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