Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 13 Review – Round 14 Preview

Greetings, True Believers.


Onward and upward.


Round 13: Collingwood versus North Melbourne


Collingwood 10.5.65 defeated North Melbourne 5.5.35.


As acknowledged by many of the commentators, the Pies ‘did enough’ to get the four Points and protect their position on the Ladder. I think it was more than that. The game demonstrated a strong collective belief amongst the team members. The team showed great endeavour against a pretty competitive North and while scores seemed to happen almost by accident in the Forward line the work of the Back 6 was magnificent. It was a game which we needed to Win, and we did.


Match Report. Go to


Buck’s comments. At Worth watching Bucks refuse to detail how Sidebottom will get to Melbourne.

Statistics. The Match statistics for the team and individuals are at and Always worth a browse. Just some comments, looking for ‘telling statistics’:


Passage to Goal:


  • Hit Outs – 24 (us) / 28 (them). That hasn’t happened too often;
  • Clearances – 24 / 27. Reasonably reflecting the HOs;
  • Disposal Efficiency – 76.6% / 75.9%. No significant difference, 
  • but Inside 50 it was 41.9% / 34.9%; a significant difference;
  • Inside 50s – 43 / 43. Interestingly, Marks inside 50 were 2 / 9
  • meaning we were heavily reliant on ‘crumbers’ rather than a neat pathway to Goal through a leading Forward;
  • Scoring Shots – 15 / 10; and
  • Goals – 15 / 10;


Application, something we’ve always prided ourselves on.


  • Contested Possession – 118 / 113 ;
  • Tackles – 40 / 46. This is a bit of a surprise. Watching the game gave me a very different impression; and
  • Turnovers – 63 / 61. Bucks highlighted some poor decision-making in Q1 but emphasised that after that (his term: “once transition play stabilised”) turnovers leading to Goals were 7 / 1; and
  • 1%’ers – 56 / 42. I value this number as a comparison of team effort; and

And individual performance:

  • Player numbers with an individual Disposal Efficiency equal to or over 80% – 9 / 9. Improving, particularly amongst the Midfield.


In summary:


  • Pressure. We were impressive. I don’t think the numbers give a fair view;
  • Disposal Efficiency. Much improved individual Disposal Efficiency;
  • Scoring. 9 Goalkickers – good spread of the load but still need to set in place ‘the process’ linking the Mids and the Forwards; and
  • Basic Mistakes. Still too many.


And Free Kicks – 14 / 9. Works for me.


Best: The AFL website identified Pendles, Adams, Maynard, Moore, Sidebottom, Mayne and Daicos as Best. Don’t have too much of a problem with any of those. Your thoughts?


The Future (after Carlton):


  • Round 15 – 4 September at the Gabba – Brisbane; bounce 7.50pm;
  • Round 16 – Bye;
  • Round 17 – 14 September at the Gabba – Gold Coast; bounce 7.10pm; and
  • Round 18 – 30 August – Port Adelaide. Detail TBA.


Given the recent performances by these opponents, we could expect to Win each of these games. That would give us a good foundation to launch into the Finals. Who do I rate? Geelong and the West Coast; and ourselves.


Round 14: Collingwood versus Carlton


Sunday, 30 August at the Gabba; bounce at 3.35pm.




The ‘olde enemy‘. This game is seen by many as second only to the GF Win in importance to us. I place it third after Geelong for personal reasons.


Carlton are one of the improvers this season though their consistency has been poor. Match Reports have variously reported a strong start or a strong finish; rarely played across four Quarters.


Carlton have produced 6 Wins and 6 Losses with a percentage of 100.0%. They Lost to Melbourne (R2) and Port Adelaide ((R7) by one and three Points respectively but beat Geelong (R3), Essendon (R4) and Fremantle ((R12) by two, one and four Points. What do these results mean? Probably only that they’ve been unlucky on occasion and lucky on others. Carlton are a competent team with sound leadership in each area of the ground. They have a strong ‘spine’ between CHB and CHF through the Midfield. I would expect a greater use of ‘the corridor’ in preference to the boundaries. Their Midfield is effective, particularly Cripps in the Centre and Curnow Ruck Roving – maybe consider tagging Cripps.



Who to watch for?


  •  Midfield:

Curnow – RR

Cripps – Centre;

Murphy – also RR:


  • Backline:

Weitering – CHB;

Docherty – BP / HB; and


  • Forwards:

Martin – HF.


Also keep an eye on Eddie Betts – he is so much fun to watch.


Your thoughts?




Okay, mostly the same as every week. To do list:


  • Control the game. 
  • We need to be the team winning the Midfield battle, keeping control of the ball until, really importantly, we have an easy kick at Goal;
  • Get control of the Clearances to match HO;
  • Rest Grundy – replace with Lynch;
  • Tag Cripps – Greenwood; and
  • Speed and variety of entry to the goal-kicking position. Stop the ‘up and under’ big kick into the 50. Kick to a leading Forward.




  • Ins: Lynch, Quaynor, Stephenson, Wilson and Rantall; and
  • Outs: Grundy (managed), Sidebottom (managed), Phillips, Thomas and Cameron. Your thoughts?


Pre-game Brief? Go to (eventually).


Weather. Partly cloudy with light winds; low chance of light rain.


TV. Not clear. Go to


Anyone Going? Anyone in Brisbane? I’d still really like to hear others’ views before, during and after the game?


Expert Predictions? Look around here at


My Picks


  • Pies to Win by 27 Points. BOG – Pendles (29 Disposals @ 92% DE; 6 Clearances and 1 goal). Cox and Cameron each kick three. Your prediction and selections?




  • Eddie Watch. Quiet for him.


This is our year, people. C’mon, be positive. Let’s hear your views?


Go Pies.





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