Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: “Are you watching this?”

Guys, apologies.  Been having fun with my home computer; hence from here, and late (particularly for the AFLX – but a comment anyway).


A game that started magnificently, then suddenly changed.  The opening resulting in two goals was footy as good as you will see anywhere, at any level – open, quick disposals, great support, terrific pass decisions, good leads and great ball-handling skills. Excited, I texted a friend (yes, on our Address List) and said “Are you watching this?”.  Then what happened?  Later she texted me “I must have missed the best part”.  Yes, she had.  And I don’t know what happened either.  Do you?  Your view?


Match Reports:


Comments.  Worth a read:


Pretty fair comments noting our early dominance, the Dockers’ come-back and control for the rest of the 1st Half and then the ‘arm-wrestle’ of the 2ndHalf. I draw everyone’s attention to my comments last week that the Dockers were not ‘easy beats’.


Their performance in the 2nd Half of their first game (against the Bulldogs) was pretty telling – I didn’t have any expectation of an easy win, particularly in front of their home crowd.  The AFL should have been happy for much of ‘the show’ – free-flowing, open footy, big tackles, great marks, critical umpiring decisions; the game had it all.  My concerns last week regarding faster disposal of the ball and defence were addressed (well done).  Clearly, still some work to do particularly relating to dominating the Centre and conversion from there into the 50 (see below).


And the crowd – 41,975.  Well done, Perth.


Statistics?  John from Footy Almanac had a slight shot at me for complaining about the Umpiring (plus everything else) last week.  Umpiring this week: 10 Frees to us, 18 to them – John, a comment?.  And I still don’t understand the ‘caught with the ball’ / ‘incorrect disposal’ rule.


Other Statistics highlight the Dockers’ dominance in two key areas:


  • Disposals: 222 (Pies) – 193 (Dockers).  Not too important.  This can be significantly altered by short passes and passes across the ground.
  • Contested Possessions: 98 / 101.  Important as a measure of effort – no distinction here.
  • Tackles: 66 / 71.  As above, also as a measure of effort.
  • Hit outs: 26 / 24.  Important, when looked at beside Clearances, it shows the dominance (or otherwise) of the Mids.  Applying the Clearances (next), this is a major problem.
  • Clearances: 12 / 21.  As above – one of the two major problem areas.
  • Inside 50s: 22 / 36.  And this is the other area of concern – getting the ball into the 50.
  • Marks inside 50: 5 / 6.  The Dockers would be concerned at the conversion from Inside 50 to Marking to Scoring.  So should we, but their numbers are awful.  The conversion of Inside 50s to Marks is also a measure of the success of our defence – well done, girls.
  • Scoring shots: 7 / 10.
  • Goals: 4 / 6.  Accuracy?


In the past I have lamented the fact that we can’t see the statistics by Quarter (not without going completely through the replay) and many of the statistics for ‘bad periods’ of play are hidden in the whole game numbers.  It is here that a general ‘feel’ for the game comes out – our individual views of the state of play in any period.  For this match we were totally dominant for the first half of the 1st Quarter; then for the rest of the 1st Half they dominated.  ‘Hard yards’ by both sides in the 2nd Half, with periods of dominance by each side.


Caution.  Watch for knee injuries.  Women are five times more likely to rupture an ACL than men.


Reports?  Your views?  Did anyone, by chance, get there?




Home game – Olympic Park: Pies versus GWS Giants.  Sunday, 18 February; Ball-up 4.35 pm (EST).


GWS have also had a challenging start to their season,  They are sitting below us on the Ladder on a percentage of 64% (compared with our 66.1%) following Losses to Melbourne (very close; lost by a single kick) and, last week, Carlton (lost on the basis of 15 to 4 scoring shots).


Attendance & Reporting?  Anyone planning on getting to the game?  Would love to see some ‘at the ground’ reporting or just your views?


  1. TV. No FTA TV coverage; only Fox.


Onward and upward, ladies.  ‘Side by Side’; we’re with you.




Okay, because this is late, yes, I watched it.  I’m actually not sure what I think about it.  It is certainly different; not ‘footy’ as we know it; more a game of ‘keep’ens off’.  Some notable performances – Stephenson was impressive.  My observations, watching a few games, the teams that adapted best:

  • Go for the 10 point Goals (or even 11, did you see that?).
  • Don’t waste kicks for Goal (as we did).
  • Kick to loose players, avoiding contested marks.
  • Speed of movement.
  • Get free of your opponent or keep with them (subject to attack / defence).

I don’t really think this will supplant the game we all love but it probably won’t hurt.  Anyone see the irony in the origin of footy as a way to keep fit outside the cricket season.  And here we are following cricket’s 20/20.



  • The Team.  The Team is announced three days before the games, so it was. Go to:





And again, if you missed it last time:


TV?  FTA on 7Two (timings above).


The other teams:


  • AFL:

–        To whet your appetite go to

–        And, where did we go wrong in 2017?  Go to:

–        Club intra-club match – 22 Feb 2018; 5pm for a 7.00pm bounce.  A lot of fun – go to

–        Start: 7 April       Northern Blues vs Collingwood Bounce / Ball-up: 2.00pm; Preston City Oval

–        Other fixtures:


–        Practice Match; 9 Feb 2018, vs Giants; Hobart.  Result?  Remember “Winning is habit forming”.  I can’t find the result.  Anyone?

–        Practice Match; 3 March,  12.00pm; vs Adelaide Thunderbirds; Traralgon

–        Practice Match; 4 March, 2.35pm; vs Western Bulldogs; Moe


Others Things:


  • Eddie Watch?  Quiet.
  • Anything else?


Go Pies.

Cam Hooke




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