Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2024: Round 1 Review, Round 2 Preview: Back to work?


That was not much fun either, but at least I hadn’t travelled a million miles to get there and back. I take my hat off to those who did.


Okay, we’ve just Lost to two of the best sides in the competition. And there’s a long way to go. Our coach has argued against the application of the term, ‘the Premiership hangover’. He considers there is work to be done to improve. Don’t disagree, but I think it is patently obvious that we are missing the enthusiasm that was there last year. Let’s get it back?


Round 1


Collingwood 10.9.69 were defeated by Sydney 15.12.102.


 Match Report. Go to


Coach’s comments. Go to Not too convincing by the man – again it’s not very clear ‘Why’. His fundamental message that he pursues with the team is “Trust the process”. What do you think? 





  • Q1       3 goals (us) / 2 goals (them);
  • Q2       2 / 5. Not too far apart at HT;
  • Q3       1 / 5. Gets worse on the scoreboard, noting that this didn’t totally reflect the play;
  • Q4       4 / 3. A quick burst for us that established some respectability in the scoreline; totalling
  • Total:   10 / 15. A dominant Win by Sydney reflecting their motivation and their very clean ball handling. What was the “Why”? Was it more than these? Your views?




Category Statistics

(us / them)

Hit Outs (HO)


38 / 26 As I said last week, this is not a particularly useful comparison. Hit Out to advantage would be better. But it does give a starting point in the link between HO / Clearance / Inside 50 / Goal. The comparison starting with a substantial dominance by us (surprising against an All Australian ruck) progressively reducing to a much inferior Disposal Efficiency inside 50, resulting in them scoring.
Clearances (Cl)


35 / 30 Centre – 17 / 9 – Win for us.

Stoppages – 18 / 21 – Loss for us.

The reduction from the HO starting point reflects their Midfield action, even though you would count it as a Win for our Midfield. So, are the Clearance numbers critical? Only insofar as an advantage here gives us a start on winning the Inside 50 numbers.

Inside 50s (I50)


47 / 51 Key. They are now dominant. Look at the DEi50, below.
Disposal Efficiency (DE)


71.8% / 75.6% For the whole game. A margin in their favour.
Player numbers with DE equal / over 80% 5 / 8
Disposal Efficiency inside 50 (DEi50) 42.6% / 51.0% This is absolutely critical. The difference is a substantial advantage to them. So, they got the ball I50 more often than us, and used it more effectively. Of course they Won.
Contested Possessions (CP)


127 / 121 A fair reflection of effort. Not too dissimilar.
Marks (M)


94 / 100
Marks inside 50 (Mi50)


9 / 19 An important part of the basis of effectiveness inside 50. Look also at the 1%’er numbers – our defence did not stand up.
Tackles (T)


51 / 72
Tackles inside 50 (Ti50)


12 / 15 As above re Marks.
Goals scored


10 / 15 The result.


41 / 56 This figure identifies the level of effort going into the team’s defence. It is in their favour by a substantial margin. I’m sure our backline did not have a great day, certainly not as good as some.
Free Kicks


25 / 21 Where and when rather, than simple numbers.

The Game


I watched the game. Good having Bucks as one of the commentator team on Kayo.


We started slowly and, mostly, stayed there. I have to say the players looked tired. After Sydney’ gentle but methodical start, it looked like we were in for a challenging night. Goals to Nick D, Bobby and Jordy gave us the lead at the end of Q1. And that, was as good as it got for us until the final few minutes of the game when we added three goals (again) to achieve some respectability in the scoreline. Sydney’s ball-handling was terrific – clean and fast, their passes were sure with few interceptions (unlike us; see below) and they out-marked us across the ground, but particularly Inside the 50. And it seemed there was not a lot that we could do about any of these advantages (note comment above regarding the 1%’er numbers). There were occasions when, taking possession, we then moved the ball quickly by hand, frequently to have it sail back, by foot, when possession changed.


Our enthusiasm was missing. It didn’t look like we were encouraging each other much. There were cases when quite senior players gave ‘hospital passes’ to their younger team mates.


A challenge. Go to On the Basic Stats page identify a couple of players’ Disposals (D). Then go to the Advanced Stats page and write down the Disposal Efficiency (DE) for the same players. Multiply one with the other to give a better measure of their effective Disposals. To start:



  • De Goey         20 D                0.60 DE                       =          12 effective Disposals;
  • Nick D             37                    0.73                             =          27
  • Lipinski            18                    0.722                           =          13
  • Mihocek          16                    0.571                           =          9




It was a great occasion with the unfurling of the Premiership banner. Watching the replays later I was astounded at the size of the crowd already at the ground. Well done to all those, mostly Pies supporters I presume, who were there. It was a pity the game was not up to the same standard.


A couple of enjoyable moments:


  • The shut-down of Lloyd’s (?) goal 1 metre out from the score line;
  • A number of Nick D’s touches (16 score involvements); and
  • De Goey’s goal.


The moments I didn’t like:



  • The umpire’s decision that Markov had played on; and
  • Intercept passes by Sidebottom, Moore and Pendles. Quite extraordinary mistakes by players of their calibre.


Any favourites moments from you?


Principally we looked ‘flat’ playing against Sydney who were very clearly highly motivated. Both Sydney teams are, clearly, real Premiership contenders for 2024. Views?


Ladder position


Our Place had just dropped out of “the Eight” following the Essendon Win over Hawthorn, writing Saturday afternoon. Now (Sunday morning) we are sitting 13th, still with a couple of games to go. Of course, that’s not at all significant, yet. I watched some of the Hawthorn game – our boy Jack has fitted in to the Hawks line-up well. Indeed he seems to be performing well amongst them and seems to being regarded as a skilled player. Makes you wonder what their collective standard is. Of course, we will find out, eventually (Round 4 – 7 April).




Enjoyment. The team need to get their smile back;


Motivation. The enthusiasm for the contest needs to reappear;


Manning selections. A couple of key position selections did not work this time either. Judge the List inclusions on their enthusiasm and application. As examples, Macrae’s numbers were impressive in one quarter of the game – not dissimilar to Noble’s the game prior. Maybe add McInnes into the fray alongside Noble and Macrae. I would also like to see one of our potential new rucks blooded.


Game Plan. There was nothing wrong with a Game Plan based on getting and keeping possession through to scoring goals. Sydney did this better than us and we appeared unable to block their transition and their delivery, and they stopped us.




The Best


The AFL website records our Best as Nick D, Cameron, Maynard and Pendles. I don’t have too many problems with any of these. I’d consider adding De Goey, while he didn’t have an outstanding game (like his usual), it was still well above average based on the metres Gained, Clearances and Goal Assists / Score Involvements on top of 20 Disposals, admittedly at 60.0% DE, 7 Marks, 4 Tackles and 4 Inside 50s. A pretty good day at the office. Your views?




The 78, 9334 crowd was good to see but essentially kept quiet by Sydney’s dominance. We didn’t hear theCollingwo….od chant too often.


Round 2

Thursday, 21st March, bounce at 7.30pm, St Kilda at the MCG, which I find a bit odd because it is a St Kilda home game. Whatever, always happy to be at the G.


Current Betting. The current “sportsbet” betting is $1.59 (for a Win by us) / $2.36 (for a Saints’ Win). This is likely to change as this Round is completed: Geelong vs St Kilda at Kardinia Park tonight. What do you think the outcome will be?




St Kilda started the year with a Loss to Geelong, but that Loss was by only eight Points and was at Kardinia Park, Geelong’s home ground. Does anyone know if their redevelopment is complete? This Round 1 game was interesting because it included a number of ‘ups and downs’. Geelong established a 24 Point lead midway through Q2, slowly losing it progressively to a lead of, 1-Point 10-minutes into Q4. The graph is worth a quick look at Geelong then expanded their lead to 28 Points to the middle of Q4, which St Kilda responded to with their own 3 goals. So, by the 28-minute mark of Q4, Geelong had a 1-Point lead. They expanded this with a goal at the 30-minute mark by, guess who – of course Dangerfield. A rushed Behind gave them their 8-Point Win.


Taking account of their matches against North, part of the Community Series pre-season, and their Round 1 Loss to Geelong, you can see a strong reliance on an experienced Midfield and a strong spine, noting the strong HB line all included in their Best, below. A commitment to playing four Quarters underlies their Game Plan.


St Kilda players to Watch?



  • Wanganeen-Milera – HB;
  • Steele – RR;
  • Marshall – Ruck;
  • Membrey – FP;
  • Bonner – CHB;
  • King – FF. Close defence required;
  • Sinclair – HB – absent through injury last week likely to return; and
  • Wilson – HF / Wing.




No specific tagging roles are identified. This early in the season it is necessary to be able to adjust as the game progresses.




This game will be our third in 12 days, following a 6-day break. Have we looked tired? Yeah, a bit.


Not too much needs to change (very nearly the same as last week):



  • Team? A couple of changes are suggested above? And a couple of taskings? Your choices?
  • Application? Let’s crank up the motivation a bit? No change to this general requirement – Application for four full Quarters. Hold the tackles. Establish and maintain control of the game (possessions). Look to where the ball is going.
  • Game Plan? No change to the current plan. Use varied entry to the 50 and be willing to move the ball to a better-placed goal scorer than setting packs. Crumb around packs. Fix the kick-in plan.
  • Be happy? Let’s see some chatter.


Weather. Weather forecast is for cloudy, windy conditions with a very low chance of rain, however significant rain is forecast on the two days leading to our game. The ground, and the ball, can be expected to become wet very quickly, and very heavy.


TV:      Kayo or FOXTEL – Best for every game.


      Free to Air TV on 7mate.


My assessment?


Collingwood will Win by 34 Points. BOG – De Goey with 29 touches. Mihocek to get five goals.


(Anyone notice my prediction of Nick’s Disposals last week was 38 touches; he had 37 recorded. Not so good on the scoring side of things.)


Ground Reports?


Guys, Reports please? Many thanks to Matt, Wayne and Janet, for your reports. And I’d like to hear from some other armchair warriors watching from afar – thanks Janet especially for your “family challenges”?


The Future?


R3      Thursday, 28 March versus Brisbane at the Gabba; bounce at 7.30pm. Do we have anyone up there? Anyone planning on attending?




Some other stuff:


  • R1 – Friday, 22 March versus Sandringham at RSEA Park (aka Moorabbin Oval); bounce at 4.05pm; and
  • 2 – Friday, 29 March versus Brisbane Lions at Brighton Home Arena, Ipswich; bounce at 12.05pm.


 The VFL matches are the best venue to consider replacements into the AFL side. If you can get to a match, send us a Report please. We are always interested in how individuals are going?



Go Pies.




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