Buddy Newchurch

Buddy Newchurch was a brilliant young, soccer player from Whyalla. He trialled at Chelsea. His life ended tragically. Writer, literary critic and historian Ian Syson is very interested in the story. Here is his introductory piece – and he is interested in engaging the support of anyone who can assist in the research.




  1. Ian Syson says

    Thanks for putting it up john. Terrible story. Maybe there’s some good to find in it.

  2. Mark Doyle says

    The children of Charlie Perkins, who was also a talented soccer player (daughter Rachel and a son, whose name I forget) may have some backgound information on this bloke or they may know people from Whyalla who know. I saw Rachel Perkins at a Q&A a few years back after her film ‘Freedom Ride’ and she spoke of her father’s soccer career in Adelaide, Sydney and England. She also mentioned a bloke named Gordon Briscoe, who was a contemporary of her father and was also a talented soccer player who played in England.

  3. Ian Syson says

    Cheers mark. I hope to speak to Gordon Briscoe when I go to Canberra in July.

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