Brownlow blog: win an Almanac or a bottle of Murrindindi wine

Brownlow night, and even the Brownlow is becoming scientific, with analysts claiming the award goes to a mid-fielder from a top team.

Knowing Derek Humphery-Smith and Murray Bird, legendary umpires (who will be at the Almanac lunch on Friday) my conclusion is that there’s probably not a lot of science in it at all. Muz is the bloke who (might have) cost Diesel Williams (now horse-owner) the Brownlow. And DHS revolutionised the centre bounce.

So who wins the 2012 Brownlow?

Add your first, second and third, and include the number of votes polled by the winner.

A copy of The Footy Almanac (edition of choice) or a bottle of Murrindindi wine to the winner.


  1. 1. Sam Mitchell 29 Votes
    2. Josh Kennedy
    3. Gary Ablett

  2. 1) Trent Cotchin (26)

    2) Gary Ablett

    3) Josh Kennedy

    (And Mumford to get suspended on no substantial evidence beyond the fact that the Swans are playing the MRP / AFL favoured Hawks in the GF.

  3. 1) Trent Cotchin (28)
    2) Gary Ablett
    3) Jobe Watson

  4. 1. Sammy Mitchell (27 votes)
    2. Trent Cotchin
    3. Gary Ablett Jnr

    and Phantom, can you get any more heavy handed with that long bow of yours?


  5. Skip of Skipton says

    Chris Judd 54 votes*
    Scott Thompson (Crows) 29
    Josh Kennedy (Swans)
    Joel Selwood

    Phantom, Sydney Swans never get rubbed out before a grand final. Think Dunkley in ’96 and James Hird’s shiner at the Brownlow, or Big Bad Bazza in ’05 punching a St.Kilda player.


  6. Jobe Watson 27
    Trent Cotchin
    Gary Ablett

  7. Joel Selwood – 23
    Trent Cotchin – 23
    Sam Mitchell – 22

    I’ll have the Shiraz please.

  8. 1. P. Dangerfield
    2. S. Mitchell
    3. J. Kennedy
    4. E. Curnow

  9. 27 votes for Dangefield

  10. 1. Nic Naitanui 60 votes

  11. craig dodson says

    1. G Ablett 30
    2. J Watson
    3. T Cotchin

  12. Skip of Skipton says

    The Big Mummy has the all clear to play, Phantom.

    Weather forecast for Saturday is 15 degrees and wet, possible hail. I’m tipping the Swans if that’s the case.

  13. C’mon Les, If you said 49 votes that would have been believable but 60? That’s just being redonkulous. Glass, Cox and Priddis, Kerr(se) are going to get some votes as well. Yes that was an attempt at a schoolboy pun to finish.


  14. 1) Sam Mitchell 28
    2) Josh Kennedy
    3) Jobe Watson

    Brock McLean to poll well for Blues given the number of games played.

  15. I am surprised at that Skip. The AFL had no evidence reasonable evidence so I thought he would be a dead cert to go like J Selwood when Guerra had his hair ruffled last year.

    Looks like he gets the all clear to get the medal that Blakey got in 2009.

    I can’t see the Swans loosing. Too tough. Hawks will choke.

  16. Neil Belford says

    Dangerfield – 26

  17. Scott Thompson (24)
    Joel Selwood
    Brad Sewell

  18. Any recommendations for pub (half) viewing tonight? No blue carpet – prefer sticky carpet!
    Bulldogs to receive the lowest team total?

  19. Luke Ridgwell says

    Mitchell 28

  20. Neil Belford says

    Is it too late to organise an Almanac pub effort. I suggest we colonise the back room at the Rose but other suggestions welcome. Any takers ?

  21. Andrew Starkie says

    thought I posted earlier. i think I said:

    Watson 28

    I think. Red, please.

  22. G Ablett 33
    J Watson
    T Cotchin

  23. Neil,
    Not a fan of the Brownlow but love the excuse for Monday night pots.

  24. Peter Fuller says

    Cotchin 24
    Ablett/Pavlich (eq)

  25. Beams 27

  26. Scott Thompson 33
    Jobe Watson
    Sam Mitchell

  27. Colin Ritchie says

    Jobe Watson 29
    Sam Mitchell
    Gary Ablett Jnr

  28. A Swallow 26
    J Watson
    D Beams

  29. G. Ablett 31
    J. Selwood
    J. Watson

  30. C.Judd (30)
    K.Greig (27)
    S.Woewodin (24)

    KB unlucky

  31. Cotchin 28 votes
    S.Thompson – The Adelaide variety
    Leonard Hayes

  32. What about Harold Bray, Crio?

  33. 1. P Dangerfield (Crows) – 61 votes
    2. N Naitanui (Eagles) – 60 votes
    3. L Everett (Dockers) – Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

  34. Colin Ritchie says

    Have I won?

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