Boomer? Anyone?

Seventy-two hours of deafening silence on this website, so I guess it’s time to ask: is it just me or doesn’t the topic of Boomer Harvey’s enforced retirement from footy warrant some sort of mention?


Now I’m a Richmond supporter and therefore have a pretty jaundiced view of North Melbourne.  I could use this lack of even a short tribute piece to trot out the tired old “North has no fans” line.  I could just as easily take a shot at the North hierarchy for their “raise the white flag” comments that tomorrow night’s game will probably be the last time Harvey and his fellow retirees will play in Melbourne.  Seriously. On the eve of the finals.  This from the same outfit that so brilliantly out-psyched and out-played the Tigers last year with their feisty player resting tactics?


However, I profess to a grudging admiration…no, not even grudging, just admiration, straight out…for the AFL games record holder. IMO he’s still the heart and soul of North and is easily in their best half dozen players.  At age 38, no less!


So what’s going on?  Do we all think this decision is so sensible and uncontroversial that it needs no comment?  Or is the Footy Almanac now so entirely owned and operated by South Australia that the only permissible topic of the week is the horrendous injustice of Rory Sloane’s suspension (and that’s before the conspiracy theorists have the material of tonight’s result to fuel their fire)?


C’mon Almanackers, whatever you think of North’s decision, surely the AFL games record holder deserves some acknowledgment from footy folk who are more informed and emotionally invested than a grumpy, disinterested Richmond fan?


About Sam Steele

Stainless (aka Sam Steele) started following Richmond in 1970 when he was 6. This occurred when his mother, under instructions to buy him a Melbourne jumper, found they were out of stock and purchased a Richmond one instead. Despite the decades of heartache and turmoil this fateful decision has brought on Stainless, he is grateful to his mum as he has at least seen his side win a couple of Premierships. After 30 September 2017, his mum is now officially his favourite person.


  1. Sam,
    I am keeping my powder dry until North have finished their season.
    At which point I will give voice to the full extent of my feelings.
    It is safe to say that those who follow me on twitter (including @NMFCOfficial)
    will by now be fully aware of my views.
    A saddened Smokie.

  2. Andrew Starkie says:

    Still getting my head around it. Would have given Boom another year and retired the others post-GF.

    Bit of a mess.

  3. Earl O'Neill says:

    I wasn’t the least surprised at three delistings, but Harvey’s form seemed deserving of another season. As for the timing, Harvey & Petrie’s manager said North were damned if they did, damned if they didn’t.
    North did what they had to for the sake of the club. Lotta comments on bigfooty about sacking the coach, yes, that coach who took an unexciting, competent team to three straight prelims.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Thanks for the indirect Stainless. Interesting that you suggest that any one group “owns” the Almanac. Online traffic isn’t a zero sum game, is it? Not sure where the barriers to entry are.

    But since you’ve asked, I’ll venture that North had put way too much emphasis on the “wanting to give the fans the opportunity to say goodbye” timing of the announcements and I reckon that Harvey had earned the right to have declared his own future. But I find it hard to care that much about the decisions of other clubs.

    Naturally, North will now pants Adelaide in the first week of the finals.

  5. Stainless says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    For what it’s worth, I reckon if Harvey was with a “big” club, the fans would be tearing the place down about the decision and there would be commensurate traffic on this website. I don’t care how professional the game is. If there’s no room to allow a player of this calibre and longevity to call his own time, then I may as well go and watch the Australian Accounting League.

    Andrew and Smokie, I fully respect your decision to hold fire until North’s season ends and I look forward to reading your views.

    Swish – there are clearly no barriers to entry for online traffic. I think that’s my point. No disrespect to the outstanding form of Adelaide and the excitement it’s generated, but there are only so many “Fantastic win, boys. Go Crows” posts and comments that I can read. I made that pointed comment because I was surprised that the Harvey announcement got nil coverage while the (relatively trivial) Sloane suspension got heaps. I thought that for a community that writes and reflects on big issues in football that was a rather obvious case of dropping the ball.

  6. Stainless interesting point re Harvey v Sloane yes if Harvey was from a bigger club it would have had more feedback but obviously I disagree re Sloane suspension re being trivial to any fair minded footy supporter it was a appalling and inept decision and was huge news also

  7. Like Smokie and Starkie, I’m still turning it over in my head. FWIW I moved past the initial shock quicker than a lot of people and I’m already looking forward to the next chapter once we consign this season to the bin.

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