Bomber bandwagon falling apart

Not only have the wheels fallen off the Don’s Wagon, but so have the bumper bars, the mudguards, the rusted body work and the ignition system.  All thats left is a broken cane bench seat that’s going no where .
I  reckon the rot set in a few weeks ago when they unveiled  the paler shade of grey jumper and shorts.  Forget all this soft injury nonsense even though half the team are out with this problem, forget lack  of confidence, forget lack of ball skills, it’s this new strip I tell you.
Who wouldn’t be worried if you knew in a few weeks time when you play a team with jumper that vaguely resembles the proud black and red, you would have to play in the paler shade of grey.
Luckily I missed the debacle against Hawthorn at Empty Head on Friday evening, I was at the Hamer Hall  listening to K D Lang, Archie Roach, Uncle Jack Charles and many others. I took my tiny transistor in my coat pocket but didn’t attempt to listen to a score until I was on a tram home.  Shock and horror, it was early in the last quarter and Hawthorn were sixty five points up. I quickly turned it off thinking my hearing was defective, however when I got home and fearfully turned it on again the margin had stretched to ninety four.
Thank fully the siren sounded. The game was over and so was my listening to the radio.
Next week we play Adelaide in Adelaide, even when we are playing well we really struggle against them over there. And what happens if they play in the paler shade of grey?  Hopefully Sir James, Bomber and the other couple of dozen skills coaches have cunningly worked out a plan for victory.


  1. Cheryl Critchley says

    Hi Rod. Isn’t it a strange season? Both our teams showed such promise and have fallen in a hole. It just goes to show how hard it is to sustain good form over a whole season. In our case 32 seasons :-)

  2. How could any one out at Windy Hill allow an Essendon team to run out onto the oval in those jumpers Rod. Collingwood still play in the monochromes of Carringbush. Why can’t The Dons play in the Red & Black that is Essendon? those clash strips are a disgrace, and the administration that allowed it to happen on their watch should be duly castigated. No Rod, put the scalpel away. Just vote them out of office at the next election.

  3. Should have signed KD up before the Tigers got her Rod. Where will the Tiges play her?

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