Become an Almanac member in 2017

The Almanac is a lot like a sporting club.

Which is why we introduced memberships a few years ago. By becoming an Almanac member for 2017, you will really help us to keep the pieces coming, and to help develop other writing projects.

There are three Almanac membership categories:

Jack Dyer Good Ordinary Membership ($80)
K.D. Walters Membership ($125)
The John Wren Business Membership ($1000)

If you are interested in becoming a 2017 member (the categories are explained below), please contact us [email protected] and we’ll explain what to do.

Thanks for being part of it all,




Annual Memberships:

Jack Dyer Good Ordinary Membership

$80, or student rate (add a donation if you like)

  • 1 book – choose from The Footy Almanac’s 2017 collection of writing (published in November), The Doggies Almanac 2016, any other edition of The Footy Almanac (except 2009), Footy Town, Play On (by John Harms)
  • 1 Footy Almanac stubby holder
  • Membership bumper sticker
  • Priority booking to all events (including Grand Final eve lunch)



The K.D. Walters Gadabouts’ Membership (for those who like lunch)

$125, or student rate (add a donation if you like)

  • 1 book – choose from The Footy Almanac’s 2017 collection of writing (published in November), The Doggies Almanac 2016, any other edition of The Footy Almanac (except 2009), Footy Town, Play On (by John Harms)
  • 1 Footy Almanac stubby holder
  • Membership bumper sticker
  • Priority booking to all events (including Grand Final eve lunch)



John Wren Business Membership

$1000 + GST (add a donation if you like)

  • Business logo (with link) on all articles about your chosen club on
  • 12 copies of The Footy Almanac (2017, or other editions)
  • 2 Footy Almanac stubby holders
  • 1 table (8) at an Almanac lunch (not Grand Final Eve), acknowledgement at lunch (in the finest Almanac style – mic time from your representative if you like)
  • Priority booking to all events (including Grand Final eve)

[We also have larger sponsorship and advertising concepts which we are happy to discuss]


Support our student editing and writing placements


Help us to help a student journalist/writer/historian by creating a scholarship/internship.

The first scholarship put in place is the W.K. Trewick Stawell Gift Scholarship.

–          The recipient will contribute to as an assistant editor (30 hours)

–          The recipient (mentored by John Harms) will produce a significant feature on the Stawell Gift

Possible scholarships around:

Football – VFL/AFL, SANFL, WAFTL et al, local footy, characters

Golf – a tournament, a character

Cricket – a series, a Test match, a player

Racing – a significant race, a horse

Other sports.



  1. Grant Fraser says


  2. djlitsa says

    How much extra do I have to pay to get a stubby holder?

  3. Please add to the KD Walters Gadabouts’ Membership…

    and a stubby holder.

  4. Surely there is a “Groucho Membership” package for Knackers that aren’t sure they want to join a club that would accept them as members?

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Will there be a free concert by the Cicadas (starring Billy Baxter) for the Spotswood Moccasins Business Memberships?

  6. JTH, when I read the line, “Many friendships have developed on the site…” I thought you were about to announce the first Footy Almanac marriage.

    Looking forward to that one!

  7. And a lanyard… It’s not a membership without a lanyard.

  8. djlitsa says

    I can just see everyone at the next luncheon with their lanyards on

  9. Earl O'Neill says

    And an ‘All Access’ laminate.

  10. Country memberships? Or Almanac lunches video linked to the Mt Lawley Bowls Club so that Zampatti and I can have a lambs fry and Guiness breakfast while we debate the ruck merits of Chewbacca and Jar Jar Binks?

  11. Rod Oaten says

    Count me in as a Jack Dyer.

  12. I’ll join provided there are no gold or platinum memberships available for a gazillion dollars which entitle the few to everything at the expense of everyone else.

  13. Stop the whinning PB and sign up!

    It was decided not to go the silver, gold and platinum route because its sooooo 1990s.

  14. My lawyers will be in contact shortly Dips. I trust your accounting practice has been suitably profitable in recent years, and that the mortgage on Chez Dips is at modest levels.
    Any commonality between my good self and the aforementioned “whinning” (sic) commentator has no linkage by identity, marriage or resemblance.
    Please issue a full apology and make payment of the full Spotswood Moccasins membership on my behalf, or I will instruct Downright, Lye and Soo to take defamation action on my behalf.

  15. PB – Bob Beamon couldn’t jump over my mortgage.


  16. Peter here from comment at 1.43 pm.

    I too feel aggrieved at being mistaken for Peter B although not to the extent that I’ll be contacting my lawyer (if in fact I actually had one which I don’t).

    For the record and to clarify that I didn’t intend to come across as “whinning”, I have sent an email to enquire about purchasing a Jack Dyer GOM.

    If there is any compensation money available as a result of the proposed legal action please leave my share in a brown paper bag, locker number 3, Roma Street Station, Brisbane.

  17. How much for the Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters Associate membership?

  18. Joc Ledwidge says

    Embrace the Membership I say!

    With so much activity to resource, it can’t be a Beautiful Set of Numbers – not to mention the Plight of the Workers – so it’s the Remedy We Had to Have, plus Life Wasn’t Meant to be Easy.

    Favoured merchandise? Quite frankly, you had me @ Mug, and would subscribe to almost anything offering a Branded Mug. Even though I should earn Frequent Flyers for stubby cooler (NT parlance) usage, in the Unlikely Event of an Emergency ie warming beer due to prevailing conditions, or low energy consumption, it is must be pointed out, while entirely possible to stick your Carlton Draught in a mug, a latte will never work in a stubby cooler.

    Which one to join? My choice will be the Jack Dyer. Reality is that despite Liking Lunch enormously, 3752kms usually separate me from those marquee events, with Grand Final the exception. That gig is worth any amount of time and money, as Pleasure before the Pain – in my case bridesmaid three times @ the G – and trust Alan Richardson is reading this as he contemplates the loss to Carlton, and Finds a Way of Winning.

    Looking forward to signing up, and just hope there is no Turn Back the Boats Policy applied to Knackers who use cliches…….

    Thanks for all the previous and future efforts to facilitate connection for the many who champion Almanac Ideals!

  19. Classic Joc. Good to know we have someone spreading the word in the Top End. I’ll be in touch.

    Ian, I’m all for the Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters membership – or happy to take another suggested name if you prefer, as the irony (?) may be lost in (most?) contexts. (Anyone suggest one?) But will be dropping the Associate part. We’ll make it the same as the Jack Dyer. Can I put you down for one?

  20. Hello i’m interested in either a Doug Walters or Jack Dyer membership, but want directions who i make the order out to, then where do i send it ?


  21. Ian Hammet says

    Can’t get enough of the Almanacers. Gimme the Jack Dyer. Where do I sign?

  22. Paul Thynne says

    G’day to all.My first pen to paper or should that be finger to pad? I am a brand newby to Almanac and I like what I read and want in. Put me down for a Jack Dyer Interstate membership. I need to regain my Victorian AFL mojo as the Queensland vibe just not doing it for me at the moment. If I can add my two bobs worth and slip under get past the bouncer at this years GF eve lunch I will be a happy new member. PGT

  23. matt watson says

    Always liked Jack Dyer.
    Of course I never saw him play…
    Give me a big Jack.

  24. Kevin McDonnell says

    Could someone who attends the luncheon with guest speaker Milan Faletic please ask him to get in touch with Kevin McDonnell. He overlooked, inadvertently no doubt, paying out on my $0.50 investment on Ben Lomond (3rd placegetter ) in the 1969 Melbourne Cup which he and Mario Chervatin ran the book for at St Michaels College . Payout was $4.95 and calculating CPI and interest he now owes me $304,875.38. I am willing to take Milan’s current employment status into account and prepared to accept payment in instalments at a quantum of his own choosing. I look forward to hearing from Milan by close of business June 30 2014 or he can expect to hear from my representatives Chasem and Clawback shortly thereafter.
    Kevin McDonnell

  25. Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters membership? You get an almanac, a smoke flare and a packet of Nodoz to keep you from nodding off at one of those A league snorefests.

  26. Careful what you wish for Jamie. I saw Eagles and Saints in Perth, and Saints v Lions in NZ on TV. Both were uglier and more boring than any soccer match I have seen.

  27. Put me down me down for the K D Walters . Endorse the calls for a stubby holder rather than a coffee mug !! Can we exxpect a merchandise tent at the GF Lunch ?

  28. What about one for interstate members and a payment plan for the pensioners???

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