Baseball World Series Game 7: Real sport, Real consequences, Real men

Forget the pointless monotony of the “test” cricket (D Minuses all round). Today’s sporting highlight is the deciding Game 7 of the Baseball World Series between the biggest underachievers in the sport’s history – the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians starting at 11am today (Eastern Summer Time). Think Western Bulldogs v Leicester City.


Peter Baulderstone suggests an introductory read of the New Yorker’s profile of their outstanding managers Joe Maddon and Terry Francona. Think Claudio Ranieri and Luke Beveridge. Go Cubs.


  1. Charlie wells says:

    An omen. Cubs togs same colour as the Dogs.

  2. Just enjoy your baseball, mate. No need to dis Test cricket while your at it. Millions of people love test cricket. I guess you don’t. Sounds like you’ve got a hang-up or something

  3. Cubs led 6-3 with 2 innings left. Blow 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th with a 2 run homer to Davis of the Indians. Cubs went to the well once too often with closer Chapman in previous games and now he has run out of gas.
    All tied up 6-6 after 9 and the World Series goes to extra innings to decide, BUT we’re into a rain delay.
    Who writes this stuff???

  4. Never in doubt Pete.


  5. Cubs win 8-7 in the 10th! Come back from 3-1 down in the Series and win their last 2 on the road to take the title.
    One of the most tension and pressure filled sporting contests I have witnessed. Breaking a 108 year drought and completing the improbable Leicester, Bulldogs and Cubs trifecta.
    I’m a Dodgers fan but had to go with the Cubs after they knocked them out in the NLCS.
    That’s one hell of a year for the Blue, White and Red – Mick everything else in life is a bonus now. And St Kilda only have another 58 years to wait.

  6. “Everything else in life is a bonus now” – couldn’t agree more Peter.

    170 years of futility swept away inside five weeks. I really need to get down on the knees and give thanks, or as Curtis (Cab Calloway) in the Blues Brothers would suggest I could do with “a little churching up”

    As memorable as their post season efforts have been I think the Cubs success is a little different to either Leicester, the Dogs or Cronulla in that they started the new year as favourites (at least with the Las Vegas bookies) to go all the way.

    And speaking of drought breakers lets not forget Hibernian claiming their first Scottish Cup in 114 years with a 2-1 win over Rangers in May.

    Many thanks


  7. Peter- in many ways I agree with you regarding the charms and excitement of baseball. I love that the focus is upon the pitcher, and not the batter. As it is a game built upon batting failure the low-scoring nature makes it tense. When it was on FTA- One and I was home I used to love having it on in the background, like cricket. It strikes me as a more pure game.

    I remember my childhood and being smitten by Fernando Valenzuela after seeing him on TV. He may not have been charismatic, but he did pitch for the Dodgers. Only later did I learn that Tom Cruise mentioned him in Rainman.

    How fantastic to be in Chicago, tonight?

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Thanks PB

    Baseball is a great game for kids, everyone gets a crack. There are some arcane rules (for infield fly, foul bunt third strike, catcher’s interference etc) but it is a very pure game at its essence.

    The MLB season is horrendously busy (162 games before the playoffs), so I tend to skim the progress of the season until the playoffs.

    If anyone is interested in baseball writing/history, I finally got around to reading Roger Kahn’s Boys of Summer this year, one of the best books I’ve ever read.

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