Barnsley’s back, baby!

I was far too premature in my recent article about my prediction that Barnsley was on the brink of  demotion.   Over the last couple of months they have turned their season around.  They appointed David Flitcroft as their new manager about seven weeks ago and the team is back in town. He apparently took on the job after a couple of others turned it down but things have been on the up for him and the club ever since.

Their season changed when they beat Leeds United in the middle of January, after a number of defeats and then drew with Ipswich Town.  But the roll  really started with wins over Milwall, Blackpool, Middlesborough and Wolverhampton Wanderers. This means they have climbed out of the relegation zone and things are  looking positive for the south Yorkshire club. There is still a lot of season left for “The Reds”, next Saturday they play Bristol City the cellar dwellers, can they make it five in a row.

In my previous ramblings on Barnsley I made a couple of mistakes, I called Carlisle a Scottish club, which of course is a huge insult to the Scots as Carlisle is just south of the border and on checking the diary found out the the pub we drank in every night was the Fitzwilliam not the Prince William.

Wouldn’t mind being back there now in appropriate clothing holding  on to a pint of John Smith with Ken and his mates.


  1. I was in England in 1974 living in Acton and followed QPR whose ground was not too far away. Saw a number of games there, Stan Bowles was a favourite and I’m certain I saw QPR and Barnsley play. Draw I think. Did Barnsley play in a predominately blue away strip or have I got the wrong team? Good to hear they are on the improve.

  2. Skip of Skipton says

    Some solid scalps there lately, Rod.

    Old neighbours of my mum’s in Geelong were Barnsley people. (She was, He was actually Welsh and a Derby County supporter) They were stoked, but also circumspect when Barnsley made the EPL (1997ish?). It might have been the first time in the top-flight ever. I think they won an FA Cup a long time ago.

    Another mistake might have been their nick-name. I thought it was the Tykes.

    Dickie Bird the cricket umpire was from Barnsley too, along with Michael Parkinson.

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