Madison Browne – Bright Like A Diamond

Mark Schwerdt was lucky enough to meet one of Australia’s premier netballers, Madison Browne, of Australian Diamonds and Melbourne Vixens fame. It’s amazing how accessible and down to earth an elite player can be. Will this always be the case?

Coaches – Unlocking/Suppressing Potential

The improved performance of Fremantle and Port Adelaide since the changeover of coaches begs a few questions. Does anybody have the answers?

2013 Grand Final Entertainment

Mail on the 2013 Grand Final entertainment.

Brushes with fame (or Never meet your heroes)

Ever been disappointed when one of your heroes is found to be something other than the image that you have formed (or he/she has allowed to be cultivated) – even worse, when you find this out first hand? Or pleasantly surprised when they turn out better than you had imagined?

My first boots

My first footy boots were the aptly named Blue Star. Apt, as I am pretty sure that they were made by Rossiter’s in Unley and of course there were an abundance of star Blues footballers from that postcode (if indeed the PMG had implemented postcodes in 1971) and most of them seemed to be kitted [Read more]

Gawd – Walshy and Alf Gard

by Mark Schwerdt I wasn’t a huge racing person (although I went a bit in my late 70s Adelaide Uni days, and even saw Dulcify fly home on debut at Morphettville at the juicy odds of 330-1), but still remember Alf as the cranky old bugger who presented the day’s racing highlights on the ABC [Read more]