Swish Agonistes – A 70s Tribute to Sandy Stone

Attention: men (and women) “of a certain age.” Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt has drilled into your collective unconscious and found memories you thought you’d forgotten. (A weekend treat – Ed.)

That Summer Feeling

A scorecard can tell you what happened in a game, but not how or why. Mark ‘Swish’ Schwerdt puts his imagination to work constructing explanations for the results of the weekend’s Victorian premier cricket. He invites you to join in.

SEN 1116 – Are We Being Served?

‘Swish’ Schwerdt has been good enough to join us (thanks Andy), and asks if you find SEN Sports Radio informative or annoying? Let us know your brickbats and bouquets.

Sheffield Shield 2013/14 – RIP

“Swish’ Schwerdt asks a few questions about something called the Sheffield Shield. Let us know if you have heard of it.

Australian Open: DNQ

Swish Schwerdt asks: What was Spaniard Oscar Hernandez doing trying to qualify for the Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific?

Tennis: Follow a Stranger

After his first visit to the Australian Open last year, Swish Schwerdt hit on a method of keeping the interest up all year long.

2013 – A Season in Song: Grand Final Edition

One last chance for airwave glory in 2013. Swish Schwerdt concludes his search for song glory on the Coodabeens.

2013 – A Season in Song: Semi Finals – Fitness Test

It’s semi-final time at “Footy’s Got Talent”. ‘Swish’ Schwerdt was hoping for Danni Minogue, but these classics got a Guernsey from Greg Champion.

2013 – A Season in Song: Round 12 – Poor Form and Disillusionment / Early Retirement

‘Swish’ Schwerdt shares a song about a cranky Mick Malthouse, confusing umpiring and a disappointing Blues effort. It didn’t make the cut. Dogs, Eagles, Pies, Tigers and Saints fans had heard it before.

2013 – A Season in Song: Round 11 – Unrewarded Effort

Swish Schwerdt skipped Round 10, but came up with some of his finest work after Round 11. How did they resist the classic topics of video review and holding the ball?

2013 – A Season In Song: Round 7,8,9 – An Early Bye

After a Champy-enforced rest, Swish Schwerdt is back for Round 9, but is starting to wonder if the coach is playing favourites.

2013 – A Season in Song – Round 6 – Two Bites at the Cherry

Swish Schwerdt’s Round 6 efforts go unrewarded, but he does rate a mention regardless.

2013 – A Season In Song – Round 5: Return to Form

Swish Shwerdt nails one and gets a feeling of deep satisfaction, the like of which he has experienced since circa 1982.

2013 – A Season in Song – Round 4: Peaking Too Early

Swish Schwerdt had nothin’ by Round 4 but he dug deep and found somethin’.

2013 – A Season in Song – Round 3: Quantity and Quality

Swish Schwerdt continues the account of his season as a song-writer.

2013 – A Season in Song – Round 2 – Ponchos

Relive Round 2 with Mark Schwerdt and his (sadly unsuccessful) Coodabeen song offerings, including the ever-popular topic of the Docklands roof.

2013 – A Season in Song – Round 1

In 2013 Mark Schwerdt decided to have a go at contributing footy songs to the Coodabeen Champions – and nailed it first round. Relive the glory of the “Dees of Old”.

Word Association Football

Mark Schwerdt has set himself the task of associating each AFL club with both an Australian and overseas musical artist. There’s a couple of gaps that need your input.

Madison Browne – Bright Like A Diamond

Mark Schwerdt was lucky enough to meet one of Australia’s premier netballers, Madison Browne, of Australian Diamonds and Melbourne Vixens fame. It’s amazing how accessible and down to earth an elite player can be. Will this always be the case?

Coaches – Unlocking/Suppressing Potential

The improved performance of Fremantle and Port Adelaide since the changeover of coaches begs a few questions. Does anybody have the answers?