Musings on History Part 2

Stainless Steele has lived a Tiger life, as has his family. He has written about with insight and perspective over the years here at the Almanac. It’s appropriate that his is our first Grand Final report from a Tiger.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: Musings on history

The Tigers broke their finals (and Cats) hoodoo with a brilliant win over Geelong. A home preliminary final awaits but Stainless is weary of history going against the Tigers.

2017 Finals – Anyone Can Win!

Stainless parades some WEG style artwork by his nephew in his preview of week one of the AFL finals.

Dog of a Year

Are the Bulldogs simply a good ordinary team that fortuitously hit a rich vein of form last September? How many of their 47,000 members are rusted on “Danny from Droop St” types? Sam Steele thinks it’s time cold hard analysis replaced sentiment about the Team of the Mighty West.

Round 22 – Fremantle v Richmond: Posting the ton

Sam Steele was over the moon with a rare 100 point victory for the Tigers; on this occasion against the hapless Fremantle.

Round 21 – Geelong v Richmond: Sleepy Hollow No More

Tigers fan Sam Steele, at Kardinia Park for the Geelong v Richmond game, has noticed the transition of Geelong from a country town to progressive city. Mirroring the rise of the city’s football club. But were the Tigers robbed?

Round 20 – Richmond v Hawthorn: Cheering for Dusty

Dustin Martin has risen to a whole new level in 2017. Stainless couldn’t help but be mesmerised with his last quarter performance against the Hawks.

Round 15 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: Alex Rance, you’re simply the best

The Tigers are in the top 4 and a big helping of thanks from Stainless goes to three time All-Australian Alex Rance.

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Unheard Of – An Average Win

Sam Steele explains why the Tigers’ win over North was a significant milestone.

If ya don’t mind, umpire!

Stainless comes in off the long run on the AFL law makers. Are they killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

The ANZAC Day “tradition”

An insightful argument for breaking the tradition of the Essendon-Collingwood ANZAC Day match from Stainless.

It was 22 Years Ago Today

Sam Steele remembers the brilliant 1995 ANZAC-eve match between Richmond and North Melbourne and hopes for another stunner tonight.

We’re 35 years into a 5 year plan!

Stainless wears his Richmond heart on his sleeve as he bemoans the “limp-lettuce effort” of the Focus on Football group to take over the Richmond board.

Almanac Art: Premiership Dreams

As a teaser for those teams in the business end of the season, Stainless introduces nephew and artist Ben Kirkby with a range of potential premiership posters.

Boomer? Anyone?

Stainless is wondering why there has been no Boomer Harvey tribute here at the Almanac. Nothing from North fans? How do they feel about it?

Round 20 – Richmond v Collingwood: Move on – nothing to see here.

Stainless reviews an underwhelming game that reveals much about two teams many feel have under-performed in 2016

Choices, choices.

Stainless compares Adam Treloar’s decision to join Collingwood with that of Nathan Buckley’s.

Does Leadership Matter – Reprise

Stainless with some timely thoughts on the opportunity the AFL’s vast reach affords it. [Neatly expressed – JTH]

Does Leadership Matter?

Stainless questions the role of Leadership in an AFL team and the language used by the Media in defining a team’s performance.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Stainless poses the philosophical perspective and balance of life and footy. [Welcome back Stainless – ed]