Round 17 – Sal’s Preview: Part 1 – Is it Goodbye?

Sal Ciardulli previews the Thursday night Round 17 match between Richmond and Sydney.

Round 16 – Sal’s Preview: How Many is Enough?

It’s AFL Round 16 2023, Sal Ciardulli has cast his eye over the form, given his thoughts about each game, and has made his selections as to who he thinks will be on the winners list this weekend.

Round 15 – Sal’s Preview: Bombs Away!

Sal Ciardulli presents his thoughts and tips for AFL 2023 Round 15 matches and the discussion surrounding Bomber logo change.

Round 14 – Sal’s Preview: Back to the Thursday Grind!

Sal Ciardulli presents his thoughts and selections for the AFL Round 14 2023 matches this week.

Round 13 – Sal’s Preview: A Weekend Fit For A King

Despite revelling in West Ham’s victory in the Europa Conference League, Sal has found time to ponder the King’s Birthday round of AFL games.

Round 12 – Sal’s Preview: It’s Free Time

Round 12 this weekend starts the bye round for some teams, and for the remaining teams Sal Ciardulli has examined the form and made his tipping selections.

Round 11 – Sal’s Preview: Dim the lights

Round 11 this week features some must win games for teams wishing to win and cement a place in the 8. Sal Ciardulli has selected his tips for this week.

Round 10 – Sal’s Preview: Indigenous Round

Sal Ciardulli works his way through what’s a tricky tipping round and makes some observations about the obligations of a very visible and far-reaching organisation.

Round 9 – Sal’s Preview: Hey Boo Boo!

With the footy season reaching an interesting stage, Round 9 will be important for many teams in their progress to the finals. Sal Ciardulli has made his selections for the round.

Round 8 – Sal’s Preview: Is 4 going into 3?

With Round 8 upon us, Sal Ciardulli has cast his eye over the form and made his selections for this week.

Round 7 – Sal’s Preview: The Nineteenth Team

Sal offers his thoughts on a nineteenth team based in Tasmania and picks his winners for Round 7.

Round 6 – Sal’s Preview: How does 10 fit into 8?

Sal previews all the big clashes in Round 6 of the footy, and he also raises the novel concept of a final 10.

Gather Round 5 – Sal’s Preview: It’s not a Party, it’s a Gathering

The inaugural Gather Round has Sal remembering days of yore but looking forward to a weekend in Adelaide and surrounds while keeping an eye on the last weekend of The Championships trackside.

Round 4 – Sal’s Preview (Part 2): Dissension in the ranks

Sal returns with his take on the rest of the AFL’s Round 4 as well as the major races at Royal Randwick.

Round 4 – Sal’s Preview (Part 1): Dissension in the Ranks

In this week’s early preview, Sal reflects on the thorny issue of dissension and its many dimensions.

Round 3 – Sal’s Preview: It’s a high powered weekend

Collingwood just want to have fun, according to resident tipster Sal. Imagine that – footy played for fun! Read more from Sal here.

Round 2 – Sal’s Preview: Bumping in early

Sal finds it hard to understand the classification of bumps. He’s not the only one!

Round 1 – Sal’s Preview: Just for openers

Sal is back to give us the good oil as the new AFLM season gets underway tonight. Get his footy and track tips here!

Sal’s Racing Preview: Final Day Preview – And so long for 2022!

As the Spring Racing Carnival comes to a conclusion, Sal Ciardulli has made his final predictions for the year with his tips for Flemington tomorrow.

Sal’s Racing Preview: The Melbourne Cup – Is it one for the Girls?

The Melbourne Cup is here and Sal Ciardulli has made his tips for the big race.