1936, the Year of the Olympics and the Alternative Olympics: a Cocktail of Sport and Politics

Demonymic discusses the controversy surrounding the 1936 Olympics.

‘Democratised’ Olympics? The International Workers’ Olympiads

Demonymic offers this timely perspective on the early Olympic movement, contrasting it with the ideals of Spartakiad – an ongoing, international multi-sports event sponsored by the USSR Communist Party between the wars.

Almanac Rugby League – Rozzy, Coops and Bev … Easts’ Loss was Britain’s Gain

Demonymic reflects on the career of three Eastern Suburbs RL legends lost to English League

Limited Overs Sixermania … bring back the Five and an end to Sixes!

Drawing on precedent, Demonymic proposes the resurrection of the ‘five’.

Australian Cricket’s Unwanted: Square Pegs in Round Holes

Who are the cricketers who have just missed out on est selection? Demonymic reminds us of some outstanding players who never got a chance.

Bowling Figures in need of Analysis

According to the raw numbers, leggies have been on the end of some expensive Test match returns, writes Pagan Maven.

Statistics in Cricket, a Cautionary Tale

Demonymic discusses how caution must be taken when looking at cricket statistics, as they don’t tell the overall story.

No “Department of Youth” Here: A Real-life Dad’s Army

Demonymic reckons he’s found the Test cricket team of players with the oldest average age. Any advances on this nomination?

‘Unification’ Rules: Attempts to Surmount the Great Divide between Australian Football and Rugby League

Pagan Maven with a well-referenced look back at former attempts to amalgamate football codes across Australia. Imagine what could have been… [What do you mean Queensland boycotted the 1933 talks? – Ed]