Almanac Rugby League: Vale Gary Parcell (1933-2020)

Gary Parcell, a member of that famous 1960 Kangaroo all-Ipswich front row of Beattie, Kelly and Parcell, passed away last week. The Almanac pays tribute to a Queensland and Australian rugby league icon.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin Game 3: ‘Bennett’s babes’ Mark II

It took him an hour after full-time to calm down but Ian Hauser finally put his thoughts on paper as he reflected on last night’s State of Origin Game 3 in Brisbane.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin, Game 3 preview: Are we in for a Lang Park special?

Queensland and New South Wales fight it out for 2020 State of Origin supremacy when they clash at Lang Park tomorrow night. The Almanac’s Ian Hauser provided this preview.

Almanac Rugby League – NRLW 2020 State of Origin: Stars in their own right come out at night

Our rugby league scribe Ian Hauser went to the women’s State of Origin match on Friday night with high expectations of a quality match. He got that and heaps more!

Almanac Rugby League – 2020 Women’s State of Origin: A spectacular game in prospect

Ian Hauser is a big fan of the NRLW and here previews ‘the other Origin match’ to be played this week – the women’s clash on Friday night at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin, Game 2 preview: It’s all on the line – for both teams!

It’s all on the line in Sydney tomorrow night in Game 2 of the 2020 State of Origin series. Will NSW show their true colours or can the Queenslanders conjure up another miracle?

Almanac Rugby League – 2020 State of Origin, Game 1: Flickering start, high beam finish

The NRL’s 2020 State of Origin series got underway in Adelaide last night. The Almanac’s rugby league editor Ian Hauser tells us how he saw it unfold.

Almanac Rugby League: 2020 State of Origin, Game 1 – It seems different to me

Rugby league’s centrepiece series, State of Origin, kicks off in Adelaide tonight (Nov 4). For our rugby league editor Ian Hauser, the 2020 edition of Origin seems like a lot of other things in 2020 – different.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Qualifying Finals and NRLW Round 3 preview: More of the same, please!

The NRL’s 2020 Qualifying Finals present two fascinating clashes while the NRLW’s Round 3 offers a Grand Final preview. Ian Hauser runs his eye over the form.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Finals Week 2 + NRLW Round 2: No excuses

Rugby league editor Ian Hauser runs his eye over Week 2 of the NRL Finals and the NRLW Round 2 clashes. With all teams at or near full strength, he expects tough, full-on encounters to follow.

Almanac Rugby League: One hell of a nice bloke

Fifty years after a phrase in a newspaper photo caption stuck in a boy’s mind, he meets the man in the photo – and he’s a hell of a nice bloke. And that original photo is here, too.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Finals Week 1 + NRLW Round 1 preview: A great weekend in prospect

NRL finals time at last! A top flight opener, two elimination finals and the return of the NRLW – what a weekend for fans of ‘the greatest game of all’! Ian Hauser offers his thoughts on all the clashes.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Round 20 preview: Dragons, Dragons, wherefore art thou?

The final round of the 2020 NRL competition plays out this weekend. Ian Hauser is always on the lookout for a winner as he surveys the games in prospect.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 19 Preview: Tidying up loose ends

The NRL finalists are decided but a few loose ends need to be tidied up in this weekend’s Round 19. Ian Hauser takes a look at the prospects for each team.

Almanac Rugby League – The 1973 NSWRL Grand Final: Manly v Cronulla

The 1973 New South Wales Rugby League Grand Final is regarded as the most brutal of them all. The Almanac’s Ian Hauser went back to the video to see if it lived up to that designation.

Almanac Rugby League – Round 18 Preview: Footy, finals and maths

Finals positions may well be sorted out but there’s still plenty of interest in this weekend’s NRL Round 18. Ian Hauser picks his winners.

Almanac Book Review: ‘Biff – rugby league’s infamous fights’

Glen Humphries is a senior journalist at the ‘Illawarra Mercury’, an Almanac contributor, a rugby league fan and an author. Ian Hauser reviews Glen’s recent footy publication, ‘Biff: rugby league’s infamous fights’.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 17 Preview: Heavy hitters’ heaven

Several clashes between the NRL’s heavy hitters in this weekend’s NRL Round 17 will go a long way to shaping the top half of the ladder with finals only a month away. Ian Hauser channels Sir Humphrey Appleby for his selections.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 16 preview: Correct weight!

According to our rugby league editor Ian Hauser, the NRL’s Round 16 looks like it will confirm this year’s finalists. But there will be no mercy for the Broncos!

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 15 Preview: It’s all about incentive

Some call it incentive to win; others might call it the fear of failure. Round 15 of the NRL has it all, regardless of which interpretation you favour.