NRL Round 6: “You’ve just got to love footy!”, says Matt O’Hanlon, and he’s right!

In the words of Matt O’Hanlon, “you’ve just got to love footy!” It’s the only way to describe the opening five rounds of the 2023 NRL season.

Almanac (Teaching) Life: Bloody school camps!

A recent mention of school camps caused Ian Hauser to squirm at the one blot in his otherwise very enjoyable life as a teacher.

NRL Round 5: A more even competition in 2023?

After four rounds of the 2023 NRL season, there is a real hope that we have signs of a more even competition emerging, says our rugby league editor Ian Hauser.

NRL Round 4: Spare us the hoopla and just give us the footy, please.

The scribes are hard at it as they confect storylines to promote the first Brisbane Broncos v Dolphins clash this weekend. Spare us the hoopla and just give our tipster Ian Hauser the footy, thanks very much.

Almanac (Test) Cricket – Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series 2023: What could have been

The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series is over. India won 2-1. But what might have been? Ian Hauser gives his perspective.

NRL Round 3: Tipping is no place for the faint-hearted

After just two rounds, Ian Hauser is already the back-marker in the NRL tipping competition. Let’s see if he can find a few more winners this week.

NRL Round 2: Footy is back, and what a start to the season!

What a start to the 2023 NRL season – upsets, history made, officialdom slated, a couple of long suspensions, and lots more. After a disastrous 2/8 tipping in Round 1, Ian Hauser is back to try to improve for Round 2.

Almanac Cricket – The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series, Fourth Test: A change of pace or more of the same?

The Fourth Test of the 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series starts this afternoon. Ian Hauser offers a perspective.

NRL Round 1 – Dolphins v Roosters: Un-bloody-believable!

In what will rank as the upset of the season (after all of 8 games played to date), the debutant Dolphins have defeated the ‘Billionaires of Bondi’ to win their first ever match in the NRL. Where does this put Wayne Bennett in the pantheon?

Almanac Cricket (History/Trivia): Thank goodness, we’re not alone anymore

New Zealand’s incredible win over England this week has adjusted the record books – and helped Australia avoid being ‘the only side to…’ It’s a funny old game.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2023, Round 1: Get your tips in!

The NRL 2023 season kicks off tonight. Our rugby league editor Ian Hauser previews the season and tries to find the winners in Round 1.

Almanac Cricket – The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series, Third Test: Can the Kiwis show Australia the way?

The Third Test between India and Australia starts this afternoon in Indore. Ian Hauser offers this preview in which realism wins out over hope.

Almanac Cricket – The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series, Second Test: I just don’t get it!

You don’t get too many chances to win a Test match in India these days. The Aussies just showed how to blow one such opportunity with a most puzzling third day collapse.

Almanac Cricket – The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Trophy Series: Second Test

The Second Test in the Border/Gavaskar series begins tomorrow. Ian Hauser runs his (despondent) eye over the possibilities.

Almanac Cricket: The 2023 Border/Gavaskar Test Series

The 2023 India v Australia Test series for the Border/Gavaskar Trophy gets underway today in Nagpur. Ian Hauser offers a background to the series.

Almanac Books: I’m looking for a copy of…

Ian Hauser is looking for a particular book and wants to know if you can help him acquire a copy.

Almanac Food (Christmas Treats): Oldies but goodies

We all have ‘treats’ that go with our experience of Christmas. Ian Hauser shares a couple that have their roots in his childhood.

The First Test – Australia v West Indies, Day 1: Hard to get excited

Almanac editor Ian Hauser is finding it hard to get interested in the First Test. That’s the equivalent of heresy for this lifelong devotee of Test cricket!

Almanac Rugby League – 2021/22 World Cup Wrap: The Roos hot to trot!

The Jillaroos and Kangaroos produced powerful performances to dominate their respective finals of the 2021/22 rugby league World Cup. Ian Hauser offers his wrap of the tournament.

Almanac Rugby League: 2021/22 World Cup Finals Preview

The 2021/22 Rugby League World Cup reaches its climax this weekend. Ian Hauser brings you up to date with the finalists.