Almanac Rugby League: NRL Round 4 Roundup

Ian Hauser casts his eye over the NRL’s Round 4 results and attempts to read the tea leaves.

Almanac Rugby League – 2020 NRL Round 4: Let’s sort out some of these teams

Can Round 4 of the NRL season live up to the hype created by its successful return last weekend? Rugby league editor Ian Hauser runs his eye over this weekend’s clashes.

Almanac Rugby League: NRL 2020 off and re-running, and how!

Rugby League editor Ian Hauser thinks we learned a lot after just one round of the re-booted NRL season. See if you agree. [Totally agree on the Green Machine – Ed.]

Almanac Book Review – ‘The Big O: the life and times of Olsen Filipaina’ by Patrick Skene

Ian Hauser reviews Patrick Skene’s new book, ‘The Big O: the life and times of Olsen Filipaina’ – a significant addition to the (all too) limited literature of rugby league.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020 Round 3: We’re back – but hopefully we’re not the same

The NRL’s 2020 season recommences on Thursday night with Round 3. Ian Hauser tells us what he’d like to see and not hear as play resumes.

Almanac Rugby League – ‘There’s got to be a morning after’*

What do the disaster movies of the early 70s have in common with the head honchos of the NRL? Our rugby league correspondent Ian Hauser has been pondering this question.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL 2020: Round 2

Round 1 of the NRL produced a few upsets – always a good thing! Now we need to consider if we’ll be upset if this weekend’s Round 2 proves to be the last we see of the code for some time. Ian Hauser previews the matches in prospect.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Season 2020 Kicks Off Tonight

Who cares about the promotional advertisement for the 2020 NRL season or power plays within the NRL’s administration? Let’s just get on with the footy! Resident rugby league aficionado Ian Hauser runs his eye over Round 1.

Almanac Rugby League – Season 2020 germinates but also experiences a loss

The 2020 rugby league season is slowly gaining momentum. Correspondent Ian Hauser looks back at three significant events from the last few days.

Almanac Tennis: The Lessons of Ash Barty

It’s back to school week, so time for some homework. Former teacher Ian Hauser suggests that Ash Barty might provide a helpful focus to learn some useful lessons.

Almanac History – January 30 over the years

The Almanac investigates January 30 – major events, births, cricket and the arts. There are too many to choose from, but Ian Hauser remembers some that left an impression on him.

On This Day – January 23rd

Where’s the cricket? What’s January without Test cricket or at least an international ODI series? To compensate for this programming disaster, today’s “On This Day” series provides a cricket focus – with a few other bits thrown in.

Almanac History – On This Day: What happened on January 16?

After a bit of encouragement, Ian Hauser continues his ‘What Happened on…?’ series. January 16th throws up the usual mix of images and memories.

Almanac History – What happened on January 9?

Former student and teacher of History Ian Hauser looks back at significant people and events associated with January 9. Ring any bells?

Almanac Cricket History – Australia v New Zealand Tests at the SCG

With the third and final Test against New Zealand starting tomorrow, Ian Hauser looks back over previous SCG stoushes between the Aussies and the Kiwis.

Almanac Cricket History – Australia v New Zealand Tests at the MCG

Would you believe that Australia and New Zealand have played only three Tests at the MCG? True story! Ian Hauser looks back over the clashes at the ‘G’.

Almanac History – What happened on the twelfth of the twelfth?

Ian Hauser continues our series of ‘on this day’ posts. It’s a special one for him, the twelfth of the twelfth, with the focus on cricket and the arts.

Almanac Cricket History – Australia v New Zealand at Perth

Australia and New Zealand have clashed in Perth seven times over the past forty years. With the next encounter looming, Ian Hauser looks back over Australia v New Zealand Tests played in the West.

Almanac Cricket History – Australia v Pakistan at the Adelaide Oval

It’s a remarkable 30 years since Australia last played a Test against Pakistan at the Adelaide Oval. Ian Hauser reviews their past clashes at Australia’s most beautiful cricket ground.

Almanac Rugby League – There are upsets, and then there are Upsets!

Saturday’s international rugby league triple-header at Auckland’s Eden Park provided two upsets, one of which was notable, the other historic. At the end of the day, the winner was rugby league but the biggest winner was Tonga. Rugby league aficionado Ian Hauser explains.