Ashes Review: Pantsing

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood runs the ruler over the Ashes series and finds the ‘All Nations’ trouserless. (Note: Bob Neil is a stalwart of Rulebook’s beloved Adelaide Uni footy team.)

Melbourne Test – Day 2: Think.

Rulebook Ashwood, with his trademark analysis, wonders about the thinking of many involved in the administering tha game and playing in this Boxing Day Test.

Perth Test – Day 1: Comeback Kings

Malcolm ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood is sick of Watto and calls for Santa’s return for Boxing Day. Why not make it Christmas every day?

Adelaide Test – Day 1: Free George Davis

Rulebook Ashwood is not happy – with the cold weather; the careless Australian batting and most particularly the slow drop-in pitch. He is happy with the English fielding.

Gabba Test – Day 3: Australia dominate at the Gabbatoir

Rulebook gives us a brief rundown of the third day’s play.

The Game of Cricket is Slowly Dying

Rulebook Ashwood, who spends his life around cricket clubs, explains why he believes the great game of cricket is slowly dying.