AFLW Round 1 – Melbourne v Brisbane: First Impressions

“I’m not sure I can ever remember a time where I have been so proud of my code. I just want to ruffle its hair and pinch its cheeks I’m so damned proud”. So says Jamie Simmons, despite the vagaries of Cranbourne.

Almanac Summer: Multi-tasking

Jamie ‘Igor’ Simmons with a little Summer inspired multi-tasking.

Round 17 – Brisbane v Greater Western Sydney: We Might Be Giants Too

As “a 3rd generation Fitzroy supporter and one time Beta Max owner” Jamie Simmons knows a thing or two about disappointment. But in the blossoming young Giants, he sees a potential future for his Lions.

Round 12 – Brisbane v Fremantle: Winner, winner…

With Brisbane staring at a big loss to Fremantle, Jamie Simmons finds the positives and comes out a winner.

Round 6 – Brisbane v Sydney: Something Old, Something New.

For Igor, Brisbane’s loss to Sydney was not all gloomy, he introduced an old love to a new love and they seem perfectly happy to share him.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Caulfield Old Grammarians: Coming Home

Lifelong RoyBoy Jamie Simmons makes the trip from Brisbane to Brunswick Street Oval to see the local team take on Old Caulfield Grammarians. Back in the city of his youth, he is reminded of times past.

Round 5 – Gold Coast v Brisbane: Never the Bride

A crushing defeat, the eternal bridesmaid, the temptation of an expensive mini-bar… this would be a bummer of a read if Jamie Simmons didn’t have such a dry sense of humour.

Round 1 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Family 53

Jamie Simmons brings out the members’ gold cap for the first time in season 2015. Familiar faces in the Gabba stands hold their own stories. Another season awaits.

The A to Y of Seldom Watched Sports (Part One: A-E)

Having survived another football off-season, Jamie Simmons recalls his search for something to replace the joy of football. Today he presents the A-E of his ‘couch-bound expedition to investigate the merits of other televised sports.”

Every team needs their own ‘Wheels’

The story of “Wheels” and the impact he had on a local footy club. [Funny – Ed]

AFL Round 21 – Gold Coast Suns v Port Adelaide: The Best Laid Plans

A monsoon makes a mockery of Jamie Simmons plans to showcase footy to new friend Mel.

AFL Round 18 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: After the Flood

Don’t you hate it when you have one of those “I wish I’d thought of that witty comeback earlier” moments. Jamie Simmons had one at the ‘Gabba, and it would have been a beauty.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Greater Western Sydney: The Life Less Ordinary

Jamie Simmons is at a loss to understand life in a Gabba corporate box, let alone the Lions’ form. Or lack thereof.

Calling all Nemeses (Any serious offers considered)

Jamie Simmons (Igor sounds more intimidating) wants his Brisbane Lions to stir up some genuine inter-club rivalry to increase passion for his team North of the Tweed. Any takers?

Fatten the pig? Strike a Medal? Frock up?

Igor02 (Ivan Maric’s long lost brother?) rejoices in the quality of the 2013 Footy Almanac (book). He wants an annual vote for the best piece. Choosing between your children?

AFL Round 20 – Gold Coast v Melbourne: Onesie to Forget

When a kebab gets the three votes, and an adult wearing a Pikachu onesie (Google it) is among the highlights, you know it’s been a tough trip to the Gold Coast for Jamie Simmons.

AFL Round 11 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: The Mighty Rising Damp

The Shinboners have become the AFL’s version of a Dan Brown novel – they start out well enough but you’re guaranteed a disappointing finish – but to denounce North any further would do injustice to Gold Coast’s endeavour and evolution as a club.

The long road back to partial fitness

I’m standing at the top of the player’s race and I’m nervous. There are demons out there for me to face and, as bad luck would have it, they’re not from the Melbourne Football Club.

AFL Round 6 – Gold Coast v Fremantle: Mr Ebb

Jamie Simmons (who can write a line) with some rather amusing observations of Mr Ebb and his Dockers.

AFL Round 1 – Gold Coast v St.Kilda: Impostor

Lions fan Jamie Simmons went undercover into Suns territory and was impressed by a team rapidly coming of age.