Haiku Bob – Round 7 – Whispering Gums

Haiku Bob on the Pies Round 7 loss and how the whispers are starting to grow about the coach.

Haiku Bob – Round 6 – Still clings slowly

Haiku Bob his take on the Pies loss against the Eagles.

Haiku Bob – Round 5: A Different Pitch

Haiku Bob sums up Anzac Day.

Haiku Bob – Round 4 – Out of Sorts

Haiku Bob seeks meaning from Collingwood’s latest loss

Round 3 – Haiku Bob – At Least the Moon

Haiku Bob summarises Round 3 in his inimitable way.

Haiku Bob – Round 2 – Long Way From Home

Haiku Bob, still on holidays in Bali, returns to the pub where he watched the Pies get annihilated the previous week….and has a very different night.

Haiku Bob – Round 1 – On holiday

Haiku Bob interrupts his family holiday in Bali to watch the Pies continue theirs.

Parades and Brightly Coloured Men – The 2015 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haiku Bob convened the fourth annual Grand Final haiku kukai which brought contributions from around the world. Here are some of the 200 poems that were written.

The 4th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

If it is precise, artistic, original coverage of the upcoming Grand Final you are after, it will be hard to go past the 4th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai. Check out the details here.

Haiku Bob – Round 23 – gone too soon

Haiku Bob on the Pies loss in the Final round of 2015.

Haiku Bob – Round 22: edge of night

The Pies come to play on a Friday night on the eve of Spring.

Haiku Bob – Round 21 – disembodied

Muddy paths and cold, empty seats. The Magpies’ season ending loss to Richmond leaves Haiku Bob despondent.

Haiku Bob – Round 20 – mothballs

Has there been a more frustrating season for Magpie fans than 2015? Haiku Bob contemplates another ‘honourable loss’ that effectively ends the Pies’ hopes of a place in September

Round 19 – Collingwood v Carlton: Haiku Bob – the other half

Haiku Bob on the Pies victory at a half empty MCG

Haiku Bob – Round 18 – laid up on the wing

Taking his lead this week from E regnans’ Floreat Pica Society review of Melbourne v Collingwood, and dreaming The Drones’ magnificent track, Shark Fin Blues, Haiku Bob brings you your weekly footy Haiku fix.

Haiku Bob – Round 17: the last break

It’s still summer holidays in Sweden and Haiku Bob has been whiling away the days in the Stockholm archipelago which, along with the 5.10 am kick-off (!), has crept its way into some of this week’s haiku….

Round 16 – Collingwood v West Coast Eagles: Haiku Bob – spark and sizzle

A lament over a torn calf and poor goal kicking accuracy has rarely been more eloquent

Haiku Bob – Round 15 – Steady Drip

Three straight defeats and nobody up forward “except bloody Jesse White”… the rains are falling on Haiku Bob’s Magpies.

Haiku Bob – Round 14 – just another day

Haiku Bob’s meditation on Phil Walsh and Collingwood’s mighty effort against Hawthorn. Two events not mutually exclusive.

Round 13 – Haiku Bob: through the lines

Haiku Bob’s response to a tight contest in Perth.