AFL Grand Final – Haiku Bob – a thin mist

    Grand final day every seat taken on the couch   clouds black and blue the crunch of bodies to kill the ball     no goals… wild applause greets a smother     shots for goal sprayed far and wide like Goddard’s nose     all day the rain Ablett not falling   [Read more]

Haiku Bob: AFL Finals – week 3 – oceans of torment

heavy rain – beyond the old picket fence oceans of torment swirling sky beneath dark clouds and umbrellas Harry spears the first downpour – one Cat then another bobs up rain stops – our defence leaks Ablett sky clears Leon has left us too wanting the scores to be different I drink more moon spills [Read more]

Haiku Bob: AFL finals – week 2 – closer to oblivion

night trickles in… Maxwell’s early blunders clear as day   a flock of Crows only one of them carrying the ball   unseasonal heat a detectable haze across the forward line   another September Leon’s basket of tricks snapped shut   white-hot moon we edge closer to oblivion   blustery wind the less polished among [Read more]

AFL Finals – Week 1 – Haiku Bob – riding the roar

  September – Collingwood’s defeat has the run of the house     afternoon stillness the absent drift and pause of Pendlebury     seconds later Presti arrives punching air     in nearby worlds forwards who kick goals     sun and cloud we hit the front briefly     day begins to shrink [Read more]

Haiku Bob – AFL Round 22 – unmistakable stench

twilight game the city’s groan circles the Dome from wing to wing we try to make the ball go forward Dogs on another fast break paint peeling from the rafters leisurely Leon spears a pass to his opponent getting jumpy Wellingham crumbs and goals his own fumble twilight our hopes slowly fade but fade they [Read more]

Haiku Bob – AFL Round 21 – such and such

Sunday football – players emerge head-bowed from their sermons     blowing a gale – trees and forwards stripped of life     for some the ball goes only where the wind wants it to     two fumbles and suddenly Dick in the clear     late winter squall – smooth passing gone with [Read more]

Haiku Bob – AFL Round 20 – holding it all together

early resistance over before my first beer    shaking off winter Swan loses another tag     late winter squall spot fires stretch across half-forward   dust settles… magpies go back to feeding on remains   fragmented sky Didak holding it all together   kick out – passing clouds bunch up   empty paper bag [Read more]

Haiku Bob – AFL Round 19 – dreaded hope

mid-August returning on cue dreaded hope TV game in prime position the sleeping dog night begins to cool players not yet hardened to their task deceived by the bounce clouds leave behind the moon moonlight mixes with wine the game starts to open up time-on game in the balance dog snores at my feet magnolias [Read more]

Haiku Bob – AFL Round 18 – the big sticks

  murky stars the air heavy with Presti’s absence     deep winter the mating season for misdirected kicks     moon glint a daisy among the weeds of our forward line     night mist Leon turns expressionist     another behind – a seagull sails between the big sticks     slow moving [Read more]

AFL Round 17 – Haiku Bob – winter sounds

Friday Night Football florescent ump waits for TV cue I slurp plastic beer

AFL Round 16 – Haiku Bob – from somewhere a cloud

stars appearing our game plan in a million pieces   gazing at the centre half forward no longer there     sharp wind Hodge’s torpedo pierces the night   swirling breeze whichever way we want to go we can’t   cloudless night from somewhere a cloud of hawks   in the clear Toovey kicks it [Read more]

Haiku Bob: AFL Round 15: blur of bodies

hot start the coolness in our play Leon’s blind turn I top up the wine glass without looking surrounded by winter O’Bree works the ball loose unnoticed rolling thunder the ball tumbles from end to end dwindling lead I take everything back in winter’s hold driven only by the goal we need less than a [Read more]

Haiku Bob: AFL Round 14 – green shoots

first bounce the calm of dusk disperses   green shoots spear through charred remains Cloke finding form   no breeze to speak of the moon at the scoring end   artificial light Daisy’s goal fanciful   Presti repels another attack moths bash into floodlights   wondering what it is that makes Jack kick so straight [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Round 13 – the lull between goals

  the lull between goals   saturday afternoon the full forward rips the ball from the sky       Didak props the way the forward line opens up     before and after the final siren – Dick’s grin     Harry begins the journey back to where he was before the goal   [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Round 12: The floodlights hum

low crowd Didak and the floodlights hum   trails in the dew two wayward brothers cross paths     leaf veins the burly spearhead lays bare his frailties     rain weary sky Cox gets caught gets caught again     longest night the Swans catch us late in the third     from the [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Community Cup — shifty winds

pre-match the dressing room fills with smoke     Community Cup – decked out in team colours the family dog     in the clinches beer guts hold right of way     burly rover streams forward way up ahead his former self     rain comes the crowd on the hill unmoved     [Read more]

AFL Round 11: cloudburst by Haiku Bob

cloudburst       Queen’s Birthday the number one pick rubs shoulders with the best           this day looks no different yet eight unanswered goals           dark clouds and Presti shut out any light           cloudburst – goal sharks spill over themselves for [Read more]

Haiku Bob: inside the arc

by Haiku Bob inside the arc         half moon just the one man inside the arc           first chip out wide I reach for my beer           night dew the world wobbles on Swan’s kicking           moon-punched sky Harry squirts [Read more]

Haiku Bob: poking holes

    Dreamtime – end to end Leon poking holes in the rolling zone           real-time TV Pendlebury spots targets out of picture           Anthony shoots – the moon post-high           Indian summer we suddenly kick it to the hot spots     [Read more]

AFL Round 8: (FPS) Haiku Bob – gathering gloom

gathering gloom before and after defeat piles of dead leaves colour my thoughts old rivals enter the fray – dark clouds all our perfect passes during the warm up leaves twist and turn we fall under Judd’s spell drifting clouds Anthony pulls another shot for goal dappled light all our short passes too short autumn [Read more]