among the rotting leaves

  cross wind — a betting slip among the rotting leaves   no sunlight on that side of the ground — just Daisy   but for their whistles the umpires would disappear *   a chill in the winter sun — Swan scuffs his first kick     the first petal separates.. Daisy’s one hander [Read more]

one goal blurs

  murky light — the umpire sees a free no-one can   old woman knitting — our forward work slowly comes together   rain starts — Daisy comes from the clouds   winter afternoon — the torpedo punt drops short   misty rain — one goal blurs into another   hundred points up — the [Read more]

under the press

  jet lag fog — Daisy handballs over his head to his opponent   low cloud — Hawks wilting under the press   leaves gone — Cloke leads into the space   murky day– Cloke’s hands trap the light   flags flutter on top of the scoreboard — the kick doesn’t come back   night [Read more]

blood and innards

It was midsummer this week in Sweden. Haiku Bob spent the weekend at the family’s summer house north of Stockholm on an island called Vätö. Beautiful spot. Went on a fishing expedition while the Pies and Swans slugged it out. The Pies got the points and we brought home the herring (about 60 0f them!)

Haiku Bob: Round 12- change of scenery

change of scenery — the first gamer adds some colour         rolling waves — leon breaks the last line         pale clouds — the Demon’s defence wearing thin           another sunburnt Pom — Wellingham slices through like they’re witches hats           [Read more]

flinging shadows

remnants of the sun — Goddard strikes the first blow         leaves tumble… tonight Cloke marking everything           floodlights flinging shadows — a hurried snap for goal         sharp cold — late goals before the long break bite the Saints         autumn [Read more]

the shudder of bones

autumn rain — Pendlebury slips into the stream when I crack my knuckles     our first goal chilly MCG — empty seats but not too much to be quiet about mist blunt air head down Ball hammers into the shudder of bones the sun has gone off somewhere but here’s Daisy! dusk presents itself Cloke [Read more]

blushing leaves

scattered leaves — none of our players where they were named closed roof — a lull overhangs our rustiness one miss from close in then two, then three… — blushing leaves wind-lashed trees — goals from turnovers pile up Wellingham crumbs — bodies swirl in his wake closed roof — all eyes on Daisy’s torp [Read more]

every good move

fallen leaves the ground they cover chasing Joel Selwood just like old times every good move contains Buckley rain holding off the forwards can’t get near it chilled to the bone the felled player motionless cloud blocked moon — a good chance the ball is where Selwood is entering time on a goal down — [Read more]

bye weekend

bye weekend – all the things round the house that need doing

Haiku Bob Rd 6: clear moments after

wet afternoon the football used as a lure Johnno subbed off the game loses a little right-side brain sprinting in the clear then on meeting Luke Ball stopped wind-tossed rain a perfect pass by mistake moon strains through clouds a goal clear moments after watering my dead plant Leeroy explodes to life the rain lighter [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Rd 5: various shades

red leaves the Bombers hold on but soon fall away opening skirmishes sun ripples across  the ‘G Anzac Day – the shadows of the players brush the crowd in my new country watching Collingwood feels new bright afternoon the extra edge in our play autumn colours goals of various shades the moon about to appear a [Read more]

Haiku Bob Rd 4: last of the snow

It’s fair to say I’m a little confused. Not (just) because I’m on the other side of the world while my beloved Pies enjoy their most purple of purple of patches in living memory! As a haiku poet, I’m a captive of nature and the cycle of the seasons. It’s as it should be. Part [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Round 3: the height of the moon

old rivals – the crowd’s roar tossed on the breeze the club legend retired now who won nothing but their hearts* moon and stars – the rovers await Jolly’s tap pockets of snow soon will vanish – Blues purple patch up the ground and back again Swan’s shadow admiring the height of the moon – [Read more]

haiku bob – the far corners

spreading butter to the far corners of my toast Swan everywhere bright sun Pendlebury’s smoothness across every blade the crowd awakened by Didak’s first autumn gust the midfield changes direction sun slips through clouds Krakouer snaps one over his shoulder low sun Swan jabs one into the pocket autumn clarity thinking the unthinkable

Haiku Bob- the twirling sherrin

footy season begins all the teams freshly tattooed first game of the year – Ball tackles without hesitation umpire’s whistle – side by side fingers point together crisp autumn shadows – they answer each one of our goals feeling closer to home – Cloke shanks one sun slips through clouds Pendlebury finds himself on the [Read more]

In Motion

In the 1994 World Cup semi-final, an 80th minute strike from Brazilian star Romario denied 10-man Sweden a place in the final. Sweden went on to thrash Bulgaria 4-0 in the third place play-off at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena to complete a glorious summer for Swedish football – the likes of which they had not [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Premiership Edition: earth and the times

last Saturday in September the sun beaten to a pulp grand final replay – the washing still hanging over my thoughts the chorus of magpies warm spring sun the Colliwobbles fade the earth and the times turned by his feet – Heater’s smother October sun Ball soaks up some heat between goals the coach wears [Read more]

Haiku Bob: grand final draw – nowhere to be seen

September morning – a magpie’s song pierces my brain Spring clouds – the teams gather in their huddles first warm day players clutching and spilling a hot ball blood pouring from the full-back’s nose – spring heat glare of the sun – the path to goal nowhere to be seen Spring breeze – Davis goals [Read more]

Haiku Bob: round 16 – fingers of sun

Saints get the first – Magpies and seagulls form huddles blustery day – Swan’s first half dozen to collect his thoughts noon chill – players dropping marks I blow into my hands winter echoes – Heater’s mark again on the big screen stop start wind – forwards turn defenders turn forwards long winter – Leigh [Read more]