Almanac Cricket: An Indigenous 11?

Australian cricket hasn’t fared too well with Indigenous participation. What does this say about the game?

Remember May 22

Glen looks back at the cancelled 1970 South African cricket tour of England and the events that led to the decision.

Almanac Racing – Alexandra Cup

Glen and his group of mug punters made it to Alexandra Race Club for their Cup meeting. And he left with money still in his pocket.

Almanac Racing: Broken Hill, St Patrick’s Race Meeting, 2017

A flight to Broken Hill sees Glen venture to the St Patrick’s racing meet.

Almanac Racing – Yea, it’s St Pat’s.

Glen was at Yea Racecourse on Saturday for the St Pat’s Cup and learns he should probably watch his punting.

AKA: The Blue and White Easybeats

Glen spent 30 years tearing his hair out on the sidelines and is now paying the price. Here are the players he blames for his thinning top.

The Land of my fathers: or whoevers!

With Johan Botha now an Australlan citizen, Glen is weighing up the argument for a leadership role for him in Australian cricket – which moves him to ask you to come up with all those players who have donned the caps of two nations.

World wide travelling with Australian coaches

Glen! picks a team of Australian Test cricketers who have coached other nations. Can you think of any more?

A Dinki-Di, Multicultural, Aussie Side

With Usman Khawaja facing the country of his birth up at the Gabba, Glen comes up with a dinki-di, true blue Australian multicultural XII.

Yellow, but not green, cappers

Having already put together his team of Australian one-Test wonders, Glen now picks a side of Australian cricketers serviceable on the One-Day scene but never to play a Test. Thoughts?

Almanac Cricket – One Test Wallies

With the latest round of Test selections and axings, Glen! has compiled a team of one test cricketers, can you add to his selections?

Almanac History: Centenary of First Plebiscite on Conscription

Next week is the centenary of the plebiscite when Australia voted NO to conscription, a national event that Glen feels is overlooked.

Almanac Memories : ‘ave a good weekend.

In this tribute to Max Walker, Glen also asks recalls other VFL players and cricketers who combined their sports.

Almanac Politics: Who was Anstey?

Do you know Frank Anstey and his role in Australian History? Glen! fills in the blanks.

Hay, here’s a question?

Glen! has spent some time in Hay recently, and that has him wondering which good sportspeople – especially VFL and AFL footballers – have come from Hay. All suggestions welcome.

In Corowa for Betty Battenberg’s birthday

Glen reports on Saturday’s race meet in Corowa.

Almanac Country Football: I read it through the Grapevine

Glen breathes in the country air at Kinglake and remembers how footy used to be played, a winter sport in wintry conditions.

AFL/UN team

Prompted by the efforts of Mason Cox (Collingwood, USA), Glen! selects a team of VFL/AFL footballers born outside of Australia. [Add your own selection – Ed].

H.C.A. Harrison: Whittlesea’s link to a founder of the Australian game.

Glen highlights the life of an Aussie Rules founder.

The Hafey Years

Glen! reviews The Hafey Years; Reliving a golden Era at Richmond, by Elliot Cartledge perhaps worth a read down at Tigerland.