Almanac Books: Review – ‘Not Playing The Game: Sport and Australia’s Great War’

Glen Davis presents an insightful review of Xavier Fowler’s new book, ‘Not Playing the Game: Sport and Australia’s Great War’.

Almanac Cricket: Dr Cricket

With the dust from the footy season barely settled, Glen D turns his attention to cricket, especially cricketers of a medical nature.

Almanac Footy Review: VFL season 1971, Round 22

Glen Davis takes Almanackers back 50 years as he remembers the final round of VFL season 1971.

Almanac Footy History: Round 1 1971

Victoria and its footy comp looked very different 50 years ago. In anticipation of the 2021 season, Glen Davis takes a look back to Round 1 of the 1971 VFL season. (Some notable debuts here – Ed).

Almanac Cricket: Footscray Cricket Premiers

Glen Davis remembers the Footscray Cricket Club winning their first VCA premiership in season 1979/80.

Almanac Life: Black Lives Matter

Glen Davis examines racism in sport, particularly America, and the advent of ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Almanac (Footy) History: 1942 VFL Grand Final – Essendon v Richmond

1942 was a tough year for Australia; the theatre of war was on our doorstep and the outlook was not good but the footy brought some relief. Glen Davis reviews the 1942 VFL Grand Final between Essendon and Richmond with the Bombers reigning supreme.

Almanac (footy) History: VFA Lightning Premierships

Glen Davis looks at the history of VFA Lightning Premierships and wonders if there is a place for such a competition in the AFL in 2020.

Almanac Footy History: 1919 VFL Grand Final – Collingwood v Richmond

The 1919 VFL Grand Final between Collingwood and Richmond was played during the Spanish Flu pandemic. Glen Davis tells the story of that game.

Almanac Life: The Weekend

Glen Davis reflects on the concept of the ‘weekend’, its relationship to work and sport, and working hours.

Almanac Footy Teams: A side from behind The Iron Curtain

Glen! has picked a side of footballers whose parents come from countries behind Winston Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’.

Test Cricketers with German Origins

Glen! has been looking into his family origins and came up with group of Test players with Germanic origins. (Is this our first ‘creative team’ of the year? Ed.)