Almanac Book Review – Prince: Purple Reign

Chris Michaels is impressed by Mick Wall’s biography, “Prince: Purple Reign”.

Almanac Season Review: Port Adelaide Football Club

Leaving no stone unturned, Chris Michaels examines what went wrong at Port in 2016.

Almanac Book Review – Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing

Chris Michaels reviews Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing by Ashleigh Wilson.

Round 22 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Time to walk down the road less travelled

Chrism76 presents a perspective on the recent incident and the social media aftermath from Saturday night’s Showdown.

Round 20 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: A sorry swansong for Port at a ground it loathes

In describing his Port Adelaide, this week Chris Michaels tries out the following terms: “insipid,” “woeful,” “lousy,” “shocking,” “unfit,” “lazy,” “over-adulated,” and “uninspiring crap.”

Round 18 – Port Adelaide v GWS: There is the edge of insanity, then there is the abyss

Chris Michaels considers some tough questions around the Port Adelaide list. And his verdict is in.

Round 17 – North Melbourne v Port Adelaide: Port grapples with history as North falters again

Chris Michaels sees a slot in the Top 8 opening up for Port, who continued building, this time “against a Kangaroos side with everything to play for and much to lose.”

Almanac People: A Favourite Son to return to Alberton, but it’s not who you think!

Chrism76 has firm opinions about a former favourite returning to Alberton.

Round 13 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: A club with hope in their minds, not knowledge

Chris Michaels is bewildered with Port Adelaide’s performance in Perth. He and 60,000 paid up members are seeking answers to a range of questions – and they “won’t be placated easily.”

Round 12 – Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: It’s a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain

The scores were close at the end of the Divinyl quarter. Chris Michaels and 40,000 others witnessed an entertaining battle.

Round 11 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: From Little Things Big Things Grow, Misplaced Sentiment Lessons of Wet Weather Football and how to Disenfranchise 50,000 Foxtel Subscribers

Chris Michaels witnessed Port’s season click into gear against a listless Magpie team and then takes swipe at a dismissive commentary team.

Almanac Soccer: Gazza’s Tears, The Lions of Cameroon and Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma: The 1990 World Cup Revisited

Was the World Cup Italy 1990 England’s last hurrah on the International stage? chrism76 suggests England proved to be the big winners of the tournament.

Round 10 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: Port’s Indigenous Stars Prove the Backbone to a Solid Victory

Chrism76 sees Port Adelaide’s AFL season continue to swing with fragility after a solid if not spectacular win over Melbourne in Alice Springs.

Round 8 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: The Spirit of Craig Bradley looms large on a solemn day for Port Adelaide

Chris suggests future Carlton v Port Adelaide games be played for the Craig Bradley Cup, a champion for both clubs

Round 6 – Richmond v Port Adelaide: All Around The MCG (or the myth of Richmond’s Fan Base)

chrism76 is holding back with “I told you so” however last week’s critique of Port seemed to have worked, and where were the Richmond fans?

Round 5 – Port Adelaide v Geelong: Port must go backwards to eventually move forwards

Chrism76 believes the majority of Port’s list will not feature in their next premiership and a list overhaul is needed, now.

Round 4 – GWS v Port: Port’s Double Disillusionment in the Nation’s Political Capital

Where is Port Adelaide’s season going? Chris Michaels ponders their dismal Round 4 performance.

Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Essendon: Wise words from a Port legend

Port great John Cahill’s perspective reminds all of the value of four premiership points

Round 2 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Pressure – Hinkley’s Lament

Port Adelaide are only two rounds in, but according to chrism76, crisis’ don’t pick and choose their time.

A beard too far: what’s a Dixie Cup between friends

Chrism76 heralds the arrival of Charlie Dixon to Port.