Almanac Footy: Most VFL/AFL Reserves Games

Big Kev needs your help! By composing a database of players that have made appearances in the VFL/AFL games, advice or contributions would be appreciated to add missing players from the late 80’s and throughout the 1990’s era.

Almanac Footy – Famous VAFA Club XVIII/Clubbies footballers

Kevin Pollard keeps working his way down the Victorian footy leagues tree of individuals with notable careers who had a crack at playing – this time in the VAFA’s Club XVIII league or ‘Clubbies’. Can you add any more names to the list?

Almanac Footy: Won A Brownlow Medal but not club Best and Fairest in the same year

BigKev35 has done it again! This time, Brownlow Medallists who did not win their club Best and Fairest in their medal year.

Almanac Footy: Footballers who became famous for something totally different – Part 2

Big Kev35 updates his list of former footballers who went on to bigger and better things after their footy career.

Almanac Footy: People who had a footy career before becoming famous for something else

Kevin Pollard’s Almanac debut has him looking into the notable people who didn’t quite make it to the big time in the VFL/AFL – are there any missing from his list? Were you surprised by some of the names?