Benched Coach

by Andrew Fithall I didn’t have a good week this week. The Williamstown Juniors Under 16 Ds played Wyndhamvale at their ground and had a solid win. But I didn’t coach. There were a number of reasons for that. But, for the moment, let’s go back to Wyndhamvale. Wyndham was in the news a bit [Read more]

You learn as you go

By Andrew Fithall They say that how you train is how you play. In fact Dickie Fry said it several times on Friday evening as under-sixteen training went overtime until we could get some semblance of skill into the drills. Training had begun the same as Wednesday, with “whole group warm-up” co-ordinated by Dickie and [Read more]

First match of the coaching season

We love living across the road from a football ground. Helen and I moved into our current abode 14 years ago. The school football ground was part of the attraction. Many family hours have been spent flying kites, throwing frisbees, kicking footballs, catching lacrosse balls, learning to ride bicycles or just running around. We always [Read more]

Coaching Dilemma

The telephone number flashed up on the screen and I recognised it immediately. Mark Hunter is an ex- Bulldogs player – 130 senior games. And he has demonstrated over the past few years that he is also a very good junior coach. His boy Lachlan and my son Bill share a year of birth and [Read more]