Australia v South Africa – Adelaide Test: Call for writers

Adelaide Test 2016. Australia v South Africa.


A smashing in warm, dry, cracking Perth. A smashing in cool, wet, seaming and swinging Hobart.
Chairman of Australian selectors resigns.
How will each team adjust to conditions at Adelaide Oval?
How will Australia respond after the Big broom? How will South Africa respond following the ball tampering imbroglio?
This is an invitation for writers of Test cricket; all styles, all ages; to submit their observations and thoughts on the Adelaide Test. All welcome.


Nominate any day or days in the comments below to assist in covering each day of the Third Test at the Footy Almanac. Surprise entries are always very welcome.

If you’re new to the site, submit your story like this:
Under the big header “The Footy Almanac,” there’s a smaller header – “Publish with us.” All the info is there.
(Otherwise, go straight to the info here).


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Day 2, Friday 25 November: Citrus Bob & Alex &


Day 3, Saturday 26 November: Citrus Bob & Paddy &


Day 4, Sunday 27 November: Citrus Bob & Smokie &


Day 5, Monday 28 November: Citrus Bob & Peter_B &


Floaters: J Butler, Alex, D Brown, Aidan…



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Hit for a towering 6 by Mike Gatting at the Banyule Cricket Club, December 2002, theatrically attempting to reproduce the SK Warne delivery. The ball is yet to land. @e_regnans


  1. Hello e.r.
    I will be at the cricket in Adelaide on Days 1 & 2. However, I will be most unlikely to find the time to put pen to paper, as it were.
    So for me Day 4 might be more suitable, and reflective!

  2. Love it, Smokie.
    Pictorial essays, perhaps..?
    Well played.

  3. bob.speechley says:

    I expect Australia will be flogged once more.

  4. That’s an idea, e.r.

  5. Keep one end up for you ER.
    Citrus Bob

  6. I’m available for Day 5. Your cheque is in the mail. We are right behind our boys in the front line. You look great in that dress.

  7. I’ll peruse the legal pages, Smokie. Can’t imagine there could be any problem.

    Good job Citrus Bob. Looking forward to it.

    PB. I haven’t been able to read that one out of the hand. Going to have to wait till it lands.

  8. John Butler says:

    You know I’ll be floating about somewhere ER.

    Are we taking book on how many days?

  9. I will be at the Test for the first 4 days so can help on any of those.

  10. Dave Brown says:

    I’m at the first three days… presuming there are that many. Bound to get some words down at some point. Given Ben Chifley was a decent cricketer, I’ve even got a draft title: “The Light Beer on the Hill”.

    Will make sure nephew Aidan chimes in too.

  11. Thanks JB, Alex, D Brown.
    If you guys have any preferences, name them.
    Otherwise, happy to let fate weave her way with us here.
    Whenever suits best.
    No worries.

    If Aidan manages to put any thoughts/ observations together, that would be grand.

    Enjoy, you lucky ones.
    ER, ~726km south east

  12. Day 2 is easy for me, let me know if that is alright

  13. That is just fine, Alex.
    Looking forward to it. Thanks very much.

    All other stories – on any day’s play – are welcome.

  14. Paddy Grindlay says:


    I’ll do a report on day three and may do one today.


  15. Good on you, Paddy.
    Whenever you’re willing and able.

  16. Just wondering, How do we submit what we write?

  17. G’day Alex.
    Great question.
    At top the page – under the big header “The Footy Almanac,”
    there’s a smaller header – “Publish with us.”

    It’s all in there.
    (which links to here:

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