Anzac Day SANFL: Photo by Peter Argent

The Norwood player kicking the ball is Nick Ramsey and his Centrals opponent is veteran James Gowans.

As commented below, this shot recalls a classic Ronald Dale Barrassi pose from an MCG game in 1962.

Photo: Bruce Howard (courtesy of the NLA archives)


  1. John Butler says

    Classic footy shot Peter.

  2. haiku bob says

    i’m sure there is a picture somewhere of barrassi in exactly the same pose, playing for the blues, sans mo. would be great if someone could get a hold of it and post it here.

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    That is the Ron Barassi pose in a statue. HB. But I am not sure the location of the statue.

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Actually – it is at the MCG. Picture here.

  5. haiku bob says

    thanks fits.
    not sure the statue is based on the picture i was thinking of.
    but it might be.
    the image i’m thinking of is seared to my skull.
    and the norwood player’s pose instantly reminded me of it.
    i’m sure someone out there has a copy of it somewhere.

  6. haiku bob says
  7. Alovesupreme says

    Haiku Bob,
    While I can’t be absolutely certain that we’re thinking about the same picture, I’m confident that the Barassi pose is from his Melbourne period, and it’s against Essendon. Bob Suter was the Essendon player and it’s taken during the 1957 Grand Final.
    Immediately I saw the photo above, my thought process was similar to yours. However, on checking, I find that the photo which I was thinking of shows Suter actually tackling Barassi, but the ball has gone, apparently through the goals. In other words the photographer was a split second later than in the SANFL case, where the Centrals player arrived too late even for a tackle after the ball had gone. The background suggests that RDB was coming from the right forward pocket towards the Richmond end goals.

  8. Adelaide Oval on ANZAC Day has long been a SANFL highlight. The GF rematch.

  9. haiku bob says

    i stand corrected suprmeo.
    seems like we’re talking about the same photo.
    where did you go to check?

  10. Alovesupreme says

    I have a book on Barassi from a series “Icons in Australian Sport”. The sub-title “Chronicling his football career using his scrapbooks and memorabilia”, I think is revealing.
    It’s a kind of coffee table/vanity publishing exercise, by an outfit called Hyperactive.
    It’s not something I’d purchase, but my adult children figure (correctly) that something football will invariably be an appropriate gift for me.

  11. johnharms says

    I like how even the club colours are the same. Norwood v Centrals. Melburne v Bulldogs. I told you Knacker Peter Argent was a good snapper. More from peter soon.

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